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Vietnamese government makes easy to do business with Decree 122

Fidinam Vietnam

The Vietnamese government adopted a Decree which entered into force on October 15, designed to improve the ease of doing business and to facilitate business registration via government agencies.
The Decree prioritizes the streamlining of the registration processes for enterprises, small-medium companies, and its’ branches.
The Business Registration Authority, as a government body, is empowered to receive documents submission, and coordinate the related reviews.

Here are some of the Decree 122 keynotes:

Henceforth, the Business Registration Authority will work together with the social insurance agency, collecting information on employees, business categories etc. The Business Registration Authority (“BRA”) will remain in close contact with the Labor Ministry, reporting key information on businesses. As part of the government’s program to enhance digital transformation, The National Public Service portal will serve as an aggregator for submitted information.
The relevant government authorities will be able to approach the BRA for copies of the enterprise registration certificates, without interacting with the enterprise itself.
It is expected that this Decree will allow to simplify business registration process in Vietnam, which would result in business climate improvement. Instead of four sets of documents, now enterprises will be allowed to submit only set to one government body.
The Decree 122 is viewed as a part of Vietnam’s National Industrial Policy and it will be conducive to current business environment.

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