Fidinam Podcast - Unlocking Vietnam: Insights from Industry Professionals

Welcome back to the Fidinam Podcast series "Unlocking Vietnam", a podcast aimed at sharing the experiences of foreign companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Vietnam. We'll uncover the intricacies of day-to-day operations, explore different industry sectors and gain valuable insights into what makes Vietnam an irresistible investment destination.

In our fourth episode, we've brought together Fidinam Vietnam's experts, Phuong Thao Bui (Managing Director and Lawyer), My Phan (Accounting Manager), and Francesca Severoni (Relationship Manager and Business Developer), to shed light on essential technical and non-technical insights for foreign investors.

Insights for foreign investors in Vietnam

Our discussion kicks off with an overview of Vietnam's allure for foreign investment, highlighting the country's strategic location, burgeoning middle class, and government incentives. Francesca Severoni underscores the necessity of a comprehensive market analysis to understand and leverage Vietnam's unique business landscape.

The conversation then delves into the specific challenges and opportunities that define the Vietnamese market. From adapting to the local business culture to understanding legal and tax frameworks, our experts share their experiences and advice on achieving success in Vietnam.

My Phan discusses the robust wave of global investment flowing into the country. Phuong Thao Bui provides a deep dive into the legal considerations for foreign investors, including company setup, investment types, and sector-specific regulations. She also sheds light on the simplified yet crucial processes for business establishment and operation in Vietnam.

The Path to Success in Vietnam

  • Market analysis: Essential for identifying the right business opportunities and navigating the market.
  • Understanding the environment: Insights into the dynamic and challenging aspects of Vietnam's business landscape.
  • Navigating legalities: The importance of grasping the legal framework and investment incentives.
  • Local expertise: Leveraging local knowledge for strategic planning and compliance.


Final thoughts

Our experts conclude with key takeaways for potential investors, emphasizing the blend of opportunities and challenges in Vietnam. The rising demand for sophisticated products and services among Vietnam's middle class presents a significant avenue for growth.

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Stay tuned for more episodes as we continue to uncover Vietnam’s vast potential.

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