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Insurance consulting

We offer a wide range of expertise to help our clients adapt to an ever-changing insurance market. Our consultants operate in today's global environment, offering clients the strength of their strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading domestic and foreign insurance companies.

Our Team

  • RVA Associati
    Salvatore Lavorato
    Salvatore Lavorato Fed. Graduated in Insurance Economics, no. Finma 24210 Managing Director
  • RVA Associati
    Simone Schianchi
    Simone Schianchi MA International management, no. Finma 31233 Deputy Director
  • RVA Associati
    Mattia Melchiorri
    Mattia Melchiorri Insurance Expert, no. Finma 25799 Insurance team manager
  • RVA Associati
    Brian Fontana
    Brian Fontana Insurance Expert, no. Finma 30289 Insurance team manager
  • RVA Associati
    Fabio Ciccone
    Fabio Ciccone no. Finma 31595 Insurer

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