Abacus Business Software

The leading software in Switzerland for the digitalization of business processes.

Fidinam Group's accounting and administrative expertise combines with Abacus Business Software to bring the benefits of digitalization to companies. With Abacus, companies can have a fully integrated ERP that covers all areas or sectors of their business activities. Thanks to the innovations presented by the leading ERP software manufacturer in Switzerland, companies can streamline their processes and eliminate administrative inefficiencies related to manual and paper-based management. Fidigit, a Fidinam Group company, is an Abacus Business Partner: we support you in all phases of implementation, updating and support of the software.

All the advantages of ABACUS

  • Made in and for Switzerland
  • Complete and integrated solution
  • No programming required
  • A reliable partner

Constantly updated to the Swiss regulatory situation and the needs of the target market.

Abacus offers an integrated solution that covers a large part of your business needs. We therefore minimize time-consuming integrations with third-party software.

Goodbye to costly code changes. What a distribution partner can do, you can do. And without code!

A 30-year history, a leading position in Switzerland, and more than 500 developers to guarantee you innovation and continuous updating.

"Thanks to Fidigit we have an HR solution merging services and digital processes based on a software that met our expectations" Giorgio Vago, CFO Tinext SA

Fidigit, your partner of choice in the Abacus world

Fidigit is the Fidinam Group company that, as an Abacus partner, is able to support you in all phases of your digital transformation project. Whether it is an implementation project, an upgrade or just ordinary support, our professionals are at your service to provide the assistance and advice you need.
Our approach is characterized by the following phases:


We gather your needs and present you with your industry's best practices.


We design the project to run smoothly.


We configure and parameterize the software according to your needs and our experience.


We migrate your data and verify the correctness of the solution.


We conclude the project by delivering the solution and training your users.

A continuous support

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