We believe in technological innovation and understand the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to support the adoption of blockchain technology, helping companies and entrepreneurs to innovate while complying with international tax and accounting standards. Our clients are individuals, crypto exchanges, funds, proprietary trading and service companies exposed to the use of cryptocurrencies.

Digital innovation in compliance with tax regulations

Our references

We advised a client running a proprietary crypto trading company, integrating a payment service account for FIAT inbound and outbound flows. Our team provides the client with detailed quarterly reports analyzing the investment performance of more than 30 tokens, such as Cardano, EOS or even RPX.

We provided our consulting services to a regulated crypto client for the opening of a bank account with a financial institution in the UAE specifically for crypto services. The opening was completed in less than 10 business days.

We advise a Hong Kong Limited company providing Solidity and Python coding services to global crypto clients. Payments are received in crypto, stored in Ethereum wallets and partly converted into FIAT for covering running costs. Profits tax return and audit are drafted following HKAS and relevant local guidelines for crypto currencies.

We prepared a crypto source of fund report for a client who had generated capital gains relevant to the opening and cash out of FIAT in a private bank account, partnered with Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the tax liability arise? What exchange rate should be used to calculate the taxable income?

Companies that generate revenue in Crypto record it like any other income generated in FIAT money. The applicable exchange rates are readily available online. Depending on the jurisdiction, different tax treatments may apply. Fidinam supports you with navigating accounting and tax complexities.

Can freelancers, team members and/or employees be paid in crypto? What are the tax implications? Are equity payments in crypto acceptable?

Salary payments in crypto, if allowed in the relevant jurisdiction, must be declared and accounted for. Some jurisdictions may not allow salary payments in foreign currency, so crypto may not be acceptable.

Does the company have to include crypto assets in its financial statements? Are financial statements that include crypto assets required to be audited?

Yes. In principle, digital assets should be included in the financial statements.

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