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Construction Management

Direzione Lavori SA is the Fidinam Group's construction management unit that encompasses all the professional skills necessary to manage a real estate project from start to finish.

Our skills allow us to offer prompt solutions in a workmanlike manner, perfectly representing the financial wishes of our client and, at the same time, effectively managing any problems that may occur during construction.

USI SUPSI building realized - FIdinam
  • 1962 Year of establishment
  • 12 Experts
  • 55 Projects built

A selection of our projects

Completed projects

Some of the projects we have completed during recent years in the Italian part of Switzerland.

  • usi supsi
    Campus USI-SUPSI, Lugano Volume: 129'061 m3
  • campra
    Centro sci nordico, Campra Volume: 7'500 m3
  • aet3
    Sede AET, Monte Carasso Volume: 12'000 m3
  • cai2
    Palazzo Caimato, Lugano Volume: 51'000 m3

Works in progress

Works currently in progress.

  • stadio ambri12
    Centro multifunzionale, Ambrì Volume: 113'000 m3
  • obv
    Nuova ala OBV, Mendrisio Volume: 38’988 m3
  • intergen
    Quartiere Intergenerazionale, Coldrerio Volume: 36'100 m3
  • sbe
    Centro Controllo del Traffico, San Bernardino Volume: 5’200 m3

Our Team

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