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RVA Associati SA is a Swiss company active since 1996 in the insurance brokerage sector, with headquarters in Lugano and offices in Bellinzona, Mendrisio and Geneva.

The company is registered with FINMA, the Financial Market Authorities Register (no. 11294), and is a reference point for local insurance brokers and Lloyd's-approved coverholders

RVA operates within today’s complex marketplace, offering constantly-updated skills and with the backing of a wide network of collaborations with leading insurers.

The insurance services that RVA offers, as either a continuous mandate or single commission, are tailored to suit costumer requirements to provide optimal, informed security.

Specialisation, dynamism and trust: these are our core values. RVA as "Ricerca del Valore Aggiunto" (the Pursuit of Added Value).

Our services

We offer a wide range of services and expertise to help our clients adapt to an ever-evolving insurance marketplace.



Training activities

At the request of the client company, RVA offers training activities thanks to its staff composed of insurance graduates, university graduates, federal insurance examiners, academic teachers of risk management and insurance.

Our Team

  • Salvatore Lavorato
    Salvatore Lavorato Fed. Graduated in Insurance Economics, no. Finma 24210 Managing Director
  • Simone Schianchi
    Simone Schianchi MA International management, no. Finma 31233 Director
  • Fabio Ciccone
    Fabio Ciccone no. Finma 31595 Deputy Director and Insurance team manager
  • Brian Fontana
    Brian Fontana Insurance Expert, no. Finma 30289n Deputy Director and Insurance team manager
  • Matteo Capuana
    Matteo Capuana BA ECONOMICS, no. FINMA 34596 Commercial manager and Advisor
  • Patrizia Bagnato
    Patrizia Bagnato Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Enrico Cereghetti
    Enrico Cereghetti Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Federico Pilaro
    Federico Pilaro Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Petra Lavorato
    Petra Lavorato BA Economics Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Stefan Trifkovic
    Stefan Trifkovic BSC COMMUNICATIONS, No. Finma 38538 Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Oana Samoila
    Oana Samoila BA ECONOMICS Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Gloria Zanetti
    Gloria Zanetti no. FINMA 38993 Account manager and Insurance specialist
  • Malvina Soldini
    Malvina Soldini Administrative assistant
  • Simone Covino
    Simone Covino Assistant
  • Gaia Sperolini
    Gaia Sperolini Assistant
  •  Andrea Zanotta
    Andrea Zanotta no. Finma 20999 Advisor
  • Dario Beltrami
    Dario Beltrami Advisor
  • Massimo Scolari
    Massimo Scolari no. FMA 30253 Advisor
  • Samuele Gottardi
    Samuele Gottardi no. Finma 16077 Advisor
  • Bruno Serrapica
    Bruno Serrapica no. Finma 15768 Advisor
  • Renzo Zanotta
    Renzo Zanotta no. Finma 14349 Advisor
  • Nicola Bottone
    Nicola Bottone No. Finma 33637 Advisor

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