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Private clients

RVA provides judicious, competitive solutions for private individuals, independent professionals, managers and new residents; effective support for complex insurance matters which are often poorly understood.


properties under our insurance management


means of transport under our insurance management


claims handled per year

work hands-1-1
We optimise insurance costs conscientiously; saving you money is our priority.
Together with our partners, we provide the right insurance cover for your requirements. Do you need insurance for your holiday home abroad or private helicopter? We’re here to help you find the perfect solution.
It is never too early to think about the future. Our pensions analysis service will ensure your family or property inheritance responsibilities are securely protected.

Our servives for private clients

We’ve been helping private clients choose the best insurance cover for over 25 years, with our highly-regarded specific services for natural persons who reside in Switzerland and travel within Europe and beyond.

Adminstrative support

We manage, archive and store the relevant contractual documentation for all your private policies.

Range of offers

We select and present a panorama of competitive solutions, supported by our network of partners.

Claims management

We’re here to help you through the claims processing procedure with the utmost proficiency.



Over 25 years of experience in the area with a large staff of experts



Part of the Fidinam Group, with a strong Swiss and international presence for over 60 years



Every day, almost 9,000 customers in Switzerland rely on us

Our Team

  • Salvatore Lavorato
    Salvatore Lavorato Fed. Graduated in Insurance Economics, no. Finma 24210 Managing Director
  • Simone Schianchi
    Simone Schianchi MA International management, no. Finma 31233 Director
  • Fabio Ciccone
    Fabio Ciccone no. Finma 31595 Insurer
  • Arben Azemi
    Arben Azemi Insurer
  • Patrizia Bagnato
    Patrizia Bagnato Office Assistant
  • Enrico Cereghetti
    Enrico Cereghetti Administrative assistant
  • Federico Pilaro
    Federico Pilaro Administrative assistant
  • Petra Lavorato
    Petra Lavorato Administrative assistant
  • Malvina Soldini
    Malvina Soldini Administrative assistant
  • Simone Covino
    Simone Covino Assistant
  •  Andrea Zanotta
    Andrea Zanotta no. Finma 20999 Advisor
  • Dario Beltrami
    Dario Beltrami Advisor
  • Massimo Scolari
    Massimo Scolari no. Finma 30253 Advisor
  • Samuele Gottardi
    Samuele Gottardi no. Finma 16077 Advisor
  • Bruno Serrapica
    Bruno Serrapica no. Finma 15768 Advisor
  • Renzo Zanotta
    Renzo Zanotta no. Finma 14349 Advisor
  • Mattia Melchiori
    Mattia Melchiori Insurance Expert, no. Finma 25799 Deputy Director and Personal Insurance team manager
  • Brian Fontana
    Brian Fontana Insurance Expert, no. Finma 30289n Deputy Director and Insurance team manager
  • Stefan Trifkovic
    Stefan Trifkovic Intern
  • Oana Samoila
    Oana Samoila Intern

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