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Institutional and corporate clients

RVA is the perfect ally for public institutions, industries, professionals and SMEs, for all the organisation’s compulsory and necessary insurance matters. We remove the burden of this complex issue from the client and put it in the hands of a specialist and conscientious service.


Company pension plans managed by us


Corporate liability contracts managed by us


claims managed per year


Company resources are precious and all entrepreneurs seek to rationalise conscientiously while ensuring they obtain the maximum result. Our experts take care of optimising fixed insurance costs and managing variable costs to provide tangible support for governance.


Company IT departments must be structured with cutting-edge solutions to keep pace with technological innovation, including the management of IT risks. We offer effective tools in this area for managing cyber-attacks.


Company executives and advisers are under constant pressure. We can provide advice on managerial responsibility to protect you in the event of prosecution.

Services for institutional and corporate clients

We offer custom solutions to protect employees and corporate assets by tailoring them to your needs.

Policy management

We handle all your company or institutional policies, providing accurate, digital management of your insurance documentation.

Reports and audit

Our experts prepare single or periodic insurance reports, and also carry out impartial audits of your existing contracts.

Insurance disputes

We safeguard your insurance rights in respect of any legal action regarding employees, suppliers or customers that could undermine your company’s reputation.


360° coverage

We’ve been looking after companies and institutions in Switzerland for over 25 years, covering all their corporate needs with various dedicated Fidinam Group units


Extensive network

Our wide range of insurance partners guarantees our customers up-to-date, personalised and optimised offers


Ongoing trust

9000 customers rely on us every day for the best insurance support

Our Team

  • Salvatore Lavorato
    Salvatore Lavorato Fed. Graduated in Insurance Economics, no. Finma 24210 Managing Director
  • Simone Schianchi
    Simone Schianchi MA International management, no. Finma 31233 Director
  • Fabio Ciccone
    Fabio Ciccone no. Finma 31595 Insurer
  • Arben Azemi
    Arben Azemi Insurer
  • Patrizia Bagnato
    Patrizia Bagnato Office Assistant
  • Enrico Cereghetti
    Enrico Cereghetti Administrative assistant
  • Federico Pilaro
    Federico Pilaro Administrative assistant
  • Petra Lavorato
    Petra Lavorato Administrative assistant
  • Malvina Soldini
    Malvina Soldini Administrative assistant
  • Simone Covino
    Simone Covino Assistant
  •  Andrea Zanotta
    Andrea Zanotta no. Finma 20999 Advisor
  • Dario Beltrami
    Dario Beltrami Advisor
  • Massimo Scolari
    Massimo Scolari no. Finma 30253 Advisor
  • Samuele Gottardi
    Samuele Gottardi no. Finma 16077 Advisor
  • Bruno Serrapica
    Bruno Serrapica no. Finma 15768 Advisor
  • Renzo Zanotta
    Renzo Zanotta no. Finma 14349 Advisor
  • Mattia Melchiori
    Mattia Melchiori Insurance Expert, no. Finma 25799 Deputy Director and Personal Insurance team manager
  • Brian Fontana
    Brian Fontana Insurance Expert, no. Finma 30289n Deputy Director and Insurance team manager
  • Stefan Trifkovic
    Stefan Trifkovic Intern
  • Oana Samoila
    Oana Samoila Intern

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