Fidinam is an international firm, providing a wide range of services for companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.

We are here to help to design and implement your market-entry in Asia Pacific, to set up and to run your investments smoothly - so you can focus on your business' core activities.

Our corporate solutions include accounting, company secretarial, tax filing, HR and payroll. Benefit from our operational advisory and digital solutions to manage your business efficiently.

Furthermore, Fidinam provides international tax advisory as well as wealth and estate planning for individuals and families.

Our multi-cultural team of professionals has extensive knowledge and experience of both Asian and Western ways of business. You can find our Asian offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney.

Looking for tailormade service and global resources? Fidinam can help.


We are your dedicated and trusted partner

Asia is the fastest-growing region in the world and the most populous continent, with around 2/3 of the world’s population living there. In the past decades, there has been great technological advancement, spectacular GDP growth and economic stability. Both emerging and established markets provide many investment opportunities. There are many reasons to set up your business in Asia.

However, these are difficult-to-navigate markets and complex jurisdictions. With many years of in-market experience, extensive knowledge and practical solutions we help our clients to avoid pitfalls and make progress faster.

Achieve your expansion goals in Asia Pacific with our comprehensive roadmap for success

Embarking on an expansion into Asia Pacific can feel like navigating uncharted territory. But that is where Fidinam can help. Our team of experts specializes in pinpointing the optimal entry point tailored to your business. We take your industry, company size, objectives, and more into consideration.

We work closely with businesses, governmental institutions and other organizations to provide strategic insight, recommendations and guidance to better shape your expansion plan. 

Whether you're starting fresh or building on initial ideas, we are here to support you. Our Asia Pacific Expansion Roadmap is divided into 4 adaptable phases, allowing you to choose for a holistic approach or targeted assistance at specific stages.



How to set up your investment in Asia Pacific?

Our experts can guide you in choosing the right company set-up to achieve your business goals and protect your investments. Whether you are just getting started or expanding your business, we are here to help you reach operational efficiency.

At Fidinam, our experts speak your language and help you in managing your human resources, tax, accounting and corporate matters. We support you and help navigating changes in applicable regulations and compliance – so you can keep your focus on your company.

Setting up a company in...

Read more about how to set up a presence in several Asian countries. These pages provide a general introduction on how to set up a company, general tax frameworks and HR and employment.

Explore our services in different locations

With more than 18 offices around the world, the Fidinam Group serves international clients worldwide. We provide a global service but we are always close to our clients. Learn more about our local offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. 

Offshore company incorporation

Venturing into offshore company incorporation opens doors to an array of opportunities in globally recognized business jurisdictions.

Whether it's the BVI, Cayman Islands or Seychelles, each of these jurisdictions offers unique advantages for businesses, including tax benefits, privacy protections, and ease of market access. 

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