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RVA SA is a long-established intermediary registered with Lloyd's of London (the oldest and most important insurance market in the world) and recently also with the newly established Lloyd's of Brussels. Our insurance offer can protect you, through advanced solutions, against the many risks to which individuals and companies are exposed every day.

Our insurance coverage

  • Lloyd's
  • Cyber security
  • Liability and legal protection
  • Accidents
  • For companies
  • Transportation
  • International coverage
Intermediaries in Switzerland

RVA is a long-established intermediary registered with Lloyd's of London (the oldest and most important insurance market in the world) and recently also with the newly established Lloyd's of Brussels. From the sinking of the Titanic to the attacks of September 11, 2001, the London market has played a central role in facing the greatest insurance challenges in history. Lloyd's is the insurance provider of choice in specific sectors such as aerospace, advanced technology, heavy industry and renewable energy, but it also plays a major role in more specialized cases, such as when a singer wants to insure her voice or a sportsman wants to insure his legs. Lloyd's provides state-of-the-art solutions for almost every branch of insurance and type of client, thanks to its solidity, experience and internationality.

Financial damage, fraud and cyber risk

BUSINESS INTERRUPTION:The interruption of your business due to fire, theft or other property damage goes beyond immediate damage and can create problems in the long run as well. Business interruption insurance is intended to protect your income and ensure you have the liquidity you need to be able to pay your bills and maintain relationships with your customers and suppliers.

CREDIT: Trade credit insurance provides coverage for businesses in the event that customers, who owe money for products or services received, fail to pay their debts or pay them later than scheduled. This solution gives businesses the confidence to extend credit to new customers and improves access to financing.

ABUSE OF TRUST: Regardless of size, territory or industry, all organizations are exposed to the danger of fraud. Fraud can take many forms, including theft of cash, stock and other assets; forgery; embezzlement; and cybercrime. The financial impact on a business can be devastating, but what is often overlooked is the damage done to your business processes, which can erode the trust of your employees and tarnish your reputation.

CYBER-RISK: Data protection is important. Customers trust you. If a hacker targets your company, an IT failure occurs, or someone in the organization accidentally shares information they shouldn't, the time, money, and energy spent to fix the problem can be massive. Taking out an insurance policy against cyber and data risks means protecting your business, your customers and your reputation.

GUARANTEES:An increasing proportion of public and private contracts now require guarantees. The continued demand for such financial products entails the risk of reducing the availability of bank credit lines and affecting the flexibility required for working capital purposes and to finance investments. An insurance surety allows you to ask an insurance company to take on the role of guarantor in the face of a credit request, subject to payment of a premium.

Liability and legal protection, Company directors

CIVIL LIABILITY: Individuals and companies are constantly confronted with their responsibilities. The support professionals need - whether they are accountants, lawyers, engineers, traders, doctors, service companies or manufacturing companies - is comprehensive insurance that can best protect them from any claims made by clients or partners. It includes environmental liability and related remediation, an area that has always been particularly sensitive to public opinion.

LEGAL PROTECTION: Whether it is a labor dispute, property damage, contractual issues or debt collection, the legal costs initially anticipated may soon increase. Legal protection insurance helps cover costs when defending your business, allowing you to focus on your work.

D&O:To the company they represent, members of the board of directors and management are liable for damages caused by a breach of their duties, whether intentional or negligent. In Switzerland and abroad, this strict liability is clearly regulated in law.

Accidents, illness and death

Whether due to regulatory requirements or individual needs, accident, illness or death insurance are valuable allies in individual and group pension provision. It is therefore worthwhile to check your own needs and to take out appropriate solutions, especially when you are faced with major responsibilities such as a marriage or the birth of a child, or when you own expensive leased or mortgaged property.

Property, furniture, machinery, construction sites and valuables

PROPERTY AND BUILDINGS: Coverage is provided for sudden and unforeseen events that damage the property itself, such as fire, subsidence, bad weather, water damage or explosions, earthquake or general breakage. The insurance instrument protects the construction sites and completed works, including all the elements attached to its structure and attached buildings.

CONTENTS AND MACHINERY: Insurable contents are often described as the items a person would take with them when moving. This includes furniture, electronics, accessories, fixtures and machinery, clothing, artistic or athletic items. Expenses to replace stolen, lost or damaged items are covered, even when you are away from home.

VALUABLES:Businesses and families can insure historical and valuable property of all kinds, including jewelry, watches, other designer items, money or paper securities. The types of coverage offered are all-risk, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the owner, whether a collector, dealer, museum or organization.

Vehicles, aircraft, boats and transport

VEHICLES, AIRCRAFT, BOATS: Insuring any type of means of transport or fleet of vehicles against damage suffered by you or caused to third parties, according to the regulations of each country and according to your own needs, has become essential today. It is possible to access insurance solutions for aircraft or yachts used privately or for commercial purposes in the European area and beyond, including assistance services and social security benefits for occupants in the event of an accident.

TRANSPORT:In the event that, during a shipment, goods are damaged or lost completely, transportation insurance fully compensates the lost value. This type of solution is therefore the best guarantee to protect yourself from the risk of suffering a serious economic loss.

Key-man, expatriates and travel, international healthcare

KEYMAN:Almost every company has one or more individuals whose knowledge, experience or connections within the industry make them a vital component for the organization's continued success: the so-called "key people." A forward-thinking company will have a clear strategy that provides for the sudden departure of a key person in the unfortunate event of death, injury or total and permanent disability. Without this type of progressive arrangement in place, the company would risk not only emotional strain, but also a potential financial crisis.

EXPATRIATION AND TRAVEL: The common goal is to enjoy maximum peace of mind whenever a short-term trip or a long-term foreign assignment is to be undertaken. The insurance needs in this context range from travel insurance (for cancellation or assistance) to insurance of international medical expenses, or capital / social security benefits, or third-party liability.

INTERNATIONAL HEALTH: International health insurance is designed to provide the most comprehensive level of coverage, whether you live in a foreign country, plan to move there, or simply want a higher quality of private health care in your country of residence.

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