The insurance tool plays a central role in risk management for every organisation and individual. The range of solutions and skills that RVA makes available can cover many situations to which individuals and companies are exposed every day.

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RVA is a long-established intermediary registered with Lloyd’s of London (and Brussels), the oldest and largest insurance market in the world. The London market has always played a central role, from the sinking of the Titanic to the 9/11 attacks, and behind all other major insurance affairs in history. Lloyd's is the benchmark insurance provider in particular sectors such as aerospace, advanced technology, heavy industry and renewable energy, but also plays an important part in more individual cases, such as singers insuring their voices and sportsmen their legs. Lloyd's provides cutting-edge solutions for almost every branch of insurance and type of customer with their solidity, experience and universality.

Financial damage, fraud and cyber risk

BUSINESS INTERRUPTION: Interruptions to business due to fire, theft or other types of property damage extend beyond the immediate damage caused and can create long-term problems. Insurance against business interruption protects the business's revenue and ensures there are sufficient funds to pay bills and maintain relationships with customers and suppliers.

CREDIT: Business credit insurance provides cover for companies in the event of customers failing to pay what they owe for products or services received, or failing to pay within the allotted time. This solution gives companies the confidence to extend credit to new customers as well as increase their access to finance.

BREACH OF TRUST: All organisations are subject to the risk of fraud irrespective of their size, their location or the sector in which they operate. Fraud can take many forms, such as forgery, embezzlement and cybercrime. The financial impact on a company can be devastating, but one thing companies often overlook is the immediate damage to business processes, which can erode the trust of associates and tarnish the reputation.

CYBER RISK: Data protection is important; your customers are depending on you. If you’re targeted by a hacker or experience an IT problem, or someone in your company accidentally shares confidential data, the costs in terms of time, money and energy needed to resolve the problem can be enormous. Taking out an insurance policy against IT and data risks means your business, your customers and your reputation are protected.

BONDS: A growing number of public and private contracts now require financial guarantees. The constant demand for financial products of this type may reduce the amount of bank credit available to you and affect the flexibility you need in terms of working capital and for financing investments. With bond insurance you can ask an insurance company to take on the role of guarantor for a credit request, on payment of a premium.

WITHDRAWAL OF PILOT'S LICENCE: In the event that a pilot is pronounced 'unfit to fly' due to a physical or other condition, up to the age of 67, compensation of up to 5 times the salary can be paid.
M&A: Warranty & indemnity insurance is a strategic tool in corporate acquisition or merger operations, protecting against the risk associated with potential future economic losses as a result of unlawful declarations by the seller or violations of the guarantees stipulated in the contract. There are benefits for both the buyer and the seller, which generates a facilitating effect for the negotiations.

ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE: This innovative solution responds to the limitations of common insurance policies in protecting liability and physical assets, and provides for the delegation of risks such as personal damage, reputational impact and damage to third parties, and the technical management of preventive measures and crises, even when there is an order for remediation by the authorities.
Public and legal liability.

Liability and legal protection, Company directors

PUBLIC LIABILITY: Individuals and companies often worry about their liabilities. The support that professionals need, whether they are accountants, lawyers, engineers, traders, doctors, service companies or production companies, is comprehensive insurance cover that provides the best protection against any claims made by customers or partners. This includes environmental liability and the related mediation, an area that has always been particularly sensitive to public opinion.

LEGAL PROTECTION: Whether it’s an employment dispute, damage to property, contractual problem or problem relating to a loan repayment, the initial legal costs can soon soar. Legal protection insurance helps to cover the costs of defending your business so you can focus on your work.

D&O LIABILITY: The senior management and board of directors of a company are liable for any damage caused by violation of their obligations, whether intentional or otherwise. In Switzerland and abroad, this strict liability is clearly regulated by law.

Injury, illness and death

Whether it’s taken out for personal reasons or regulatory requirements, insurance against injury, illness and death is a valuable asset for individual and collective welfare. It's worthwhile, therefore, to check what you need and decide on a suitable solution, especially if you have responsibilities such as a wedding or the birth of a child on the horizon, or if you own costly properties which you rent out.

KEY PERSON: Almost every business has one or more individual whose knowledge, experience or connections within the industry makes them a vital component to the continued success of the organisation - the key person. A forward-thinking company will have a clear strategy for the sudden departure of a key person in the unfortunate event of death, trauma or total and permanent disability. Without this type of progressive strategy in place, the company would risk not just severe emotional strain, but also a potential financial crisis.

Property, furniture, machinery, construction sites and valuables

BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION SITES: Cover is provided for sudden, unpredicted events that cause damage to the property itself, such as fire, subsidence, bad weather, earthquakes and eruptions, damage caused by water or explosion and damage in general. Insurance provides protection for both construction sites and completed works, including all elements fixed to the structure and annexed buildings.


CONTENT AND MACHINERY: Insurable content is often described as the items you take with you when you move. It includes furniture, electronic items, accessories, installations and machinery, clothing, art and sports equipment. The costs of replacing lost, stolen or damaged items are covered, even when you are out of the office.


VALUABLES AND PRECIOUS OBJECTS: Companies and families can insure historical and precious belongings of all types, including jewellery, watches, other designer objects, money and securities. The cover offered is all-risk and adequate to meet the owner's needs and expectations, whether the owner is a collector, retailer, museum or organisation.

Vehicles, aircraft, boats and transport

CARS, AIRCRAFT, BOATS: Insuring any means of transport or fleet of vehicles against damage to the vehicle itself or to third parties is now an essential requirement, and depends on your own needs and the regulations in different countries. Insurance solutions are available for aircraft and yachts both privately-owned and used for commercial purposes within Europe and beyond, including assistance services and welfare benefits for occupants in the event of an accident.

HAULAGE: In the event that goods are damaged or lost completely during transport, the cost of the loss is fully compensated by the insurance. This type of solution therefore represents the best guarantee to protect yourself from the risk of serious economic damage.

Key-man, expatriates and travel, international healthcare

EXPATRIATES AND TRAVEL: Whenever you take a short break or a long-term assignment abroad, the usual objective is total peace of mind. The insurance needs in this area range from travel insurance (to cover cancellation or assistance) to insurance for international medical expenses, capital or social security benefits and third-party liability.

INTERNATIONAL HEALTHCARE: International health insurance is designed to provide the most comprehensive level of coverage, whether you live in a foreign country or are planning to move there, or just want higher quality private health care in your country of residence.

INTERNATIONAL PLANS: In terms of ownership and liability cover, when you have a number of different offices and operations, adequate insurance protection is required in every territory where you have a presence. International insurance plans offer the convenience of consolidating everything in a single policy and are adapted for each territory involved. These solutions are designed primarily for international groups to make administration and costs more efficient.

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RVA guarantees a wide vision on the market thanks to privileged agreements with the main domestic and international insurers.


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