Fidinam (Genève) SA

Since 1972, we  have accompanied our clients and partners for fiduciary, legal and corporate services as well as wealth planning and tax consultancy.

Alongside our clients, we develop solutions that are tailored to their personal situation and requirements, and also offer a wide range of services to implement these solutions.

Tax and Legal Consulting

We provide full tax reporting services for individuals and legal entities. We can advise on your tax situation, assess your tax liability and implement the most tax-efficient solutions. For our clients with asset-managing structures and commercial companies, we offer expert advisory services in national and international tax law.


Business Consulting

We offer expertise and practice in corporate management, structuring and consulting. We can provide legal advice covering all the issues you may face: compliance, regulatory framework , corporate transaction and contracts, restructuring of your business. Due to the increasing regulatory requirements, it is important to ensure that your assets are optimally structured.

Asset structuring

We offer a complete set of tailored wealth planning tools that meet the needs of modern entrepreneurs and families. We provide advice on the selection of legal forms and jurisdictions and advise you in finding the appropriate inheritance and succession planning arrangements for private and corporate clients.

Do you really think that?

  • Wealth planning is only for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals
  • Tax Returns are Complicated
  • Only large Companies require the support of an Accounting Firm
  • Consulting firms are all the same

It is in everyone’s interest to protect their assets, regardless of size, to build up their estate and to plan for the future. Especially when you have a family to look after or if you own one or more businesses. From simple pension plans to more complex wealth structuring solutions, including the creation and management of vehicles such as trusts and foundations, Fidinam (Genève) SA offers a complete set of tailored wealth planning tools that meet the needs of modern entrepreneurial families.

Both right and wrong

They can be quite easy to complete for an employee. But if you hold assets in a company, if you invest in real estate, if you own a business or do business abroad, expert knowledge is required. Fidinam (Genève) SA provides full tax reporting services for individuals and legal entities and we can also advise on your taxes in Switzerland and in your country of residence. We will assess your tax liability and implement the most tax-efficient solutions – pension plans, domiciliation, relocation, double taxation relief, and set-up of relevant vehicles – to mitigate your tax exposure.

Completely wrong

Outsourcing your accounting will often benefit your business activity whether you are a freelance worker, a third-party manager, a start-up, a service provider or a licenced professional. New and small businesses need experts to help them adopt good habits from the start and to provide day-to-day follow-up and strategic advice. Accounting has no secrets for our experts. We help small businesses, large corporations, private companies, families, shareholders, heirs, executives, artists and leading sports personalities to draft a set of accounts, do the bookkeeping, produce VAT statements and supervise reconciliation of debtors and creditors.

Yes and No

Like any expert in taxation, accountancy, corporate management and wealth planning, Fidinam (Genève) SA could at first glance appear similar to any other consultancy firm. But we are different.

We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to meet all your challenges.
We create value by providing a wide range of integrated services, a cross-cutting approach and a global view of your affairs.
We work with your partners – asset managers, bankers, counsels, tax experts, notaries, family offices and fiduciaries – in order to assess your situation and propose the best possible solutions.

Our services

Our Team

  • Michel Capt
    Michel Capt Executive Director
  • Caroline Raphoz
    Caroline Raphoz TEP Managing Director
  • Simon Chappatte
    Simon Chappatte TEP Deputy Managing Director
  • Tatiana Gaivas
    Tatiana Gaivas TEP Deputy Managing Director
  • Giacomo Rizzo
    Giacomo Rizzo Certified Expert in Accounting and Controlling Deputy Managing Director
  • Jordan Turlo
    Jordan Turlo Swiss Certified Tax Expert Head of Tax
  • Luca Carmeni
    Luca Carmeni Accountant
  • Jennyfer Seror
    Jennyfer Seror LL.M Tax Geneva Senior Tax Consultant
  •  Fatima Neves
    Fatima Neves Corporate Officer
  • Salma Mara
    Salma Mara Specialist in finance and accounting with federal diploma Tax and Accounting expert
  • Alla Skyba
    Alla Skyba Accountant
  • Sophie Bugnon
    Sophie Bugnon Accountant
  • Erwin Straumann
    Erwin Straumann Junior Accountant
  • Laetitia Paul
    Laetitia Paul Assistant

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