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Webinar - French tax and inheritance system for expats


Zoom webinar

📅 Date: Tuesday 26th April
🕐 Time: 13pm CEST / GTM +2
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If you are considering retiring in France, it is important to understand the French tax and inheritance system
so that you know your entitlements and plan accordingly. 

This webinar gives you a deep understanding on how to use your international status to minimise the tax you pay and an in-depth look at French Tax & the new forced heirship rules.

Other topics covered:

  • French succession – understanding the new forced heirship rules and tax implications;
  • Things you need to be aware of to minimise your French inheritance tax liability;
  • How to drawdown from a UK pension in France and what is the tax impact;
  • Tax planning tools and investment solutions available in France;
  • The fundamental concept of tax residency and the rules governing it.

This webinar will be hosted by: 

Carla Smart, Skybound Pensions Manager and Chartered Financial Planner,
Sarah Meriguet, Senior Tax & Legal Advisor, Fidinam Geneva.

(this webinar is English-spoken)

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