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Fidinam & Partners SA

Fidinam & Partners SA offers domestic and international tax consultancy services to individuals and businesses.

Our team of experts is highly qualified to assist you at every stage of your or your company's tax management, guaranteeing a personalised, all-encompassing approach. 

Our competence centres

Our in-depth knowledge of Swiss taxation allows us to assist you with the preparation of opinions and feasibility studies, the preparation of tax returns and related forms, up to and including tax litigation. We are also ready to offer you the incorporation and domiciliation of companies or other legal entities.

rudy-summerer Rudy Summerer, manager of Swiss Tax Consulting Centre of Competence.

Thanks to our broad network of correspondents and intermediaries, we are able to assist you with targeted international tax advisory services in the most efficient and effective way, in multiple jurisdictions.

fidinam-staff-34 Fabrizio Ghidini, manager of International Tax Consulting Centre of Competence.

Our interdisciplinary team, with its broad range profiles and years of experience, is ready to assist you in all areas of corporate taxation, from incorporation to company management.

StefaniaCollari Stefania Collari, manager of Corporate Services Centre of Competence.


With the utmost discretion, we are able to provide you with precise and personalised advice to effectively pass on your wealth to future generations.

SNegri Silvia Negri, manager of Asset Protection Centre of Competence.

Setting up the family office to provide professional services and managing many business and personal needs requires strategic planning and design: we offer you our full suite of tax advisory services to achieve your goals.

AdelaMuniz Adela Muniz, manager of Family Office Centre of Competence.

Our services

Our Team

  • Christian Ballabio
    Christian Ballabio Tax Expert Managing Director and Partner
  • Alberto Genovesi
    Alberto Genovesi President and Partner
  • Rudy Summerer
    Rudy Summerer Tax Expert Director
  • Fabrizio Ghidini
    Fabrizio Ghidini Deputy Director
  • Giuseppe Lerose
    Giuseppe Lerose Deputy Director
  • Marco Moschen
    Marco Moschen Deputy Director
  • Stefania Collari
    Stefania Collari Deputy Director
  • Silvia Negri
    Silvia Negri Deputy Director
  • Elena Valentini-Argiolas
    Elena Valentini-Argiolas Deputy Director
  • Adela Muniz
    Adela Muniz Deputy Director
  • Dolores Spiatta
    Dolores Spiatta Deputy Director
  • Isabel Costa
    Isabel Costa Junior Manager
  • Luca Guidotti
    Luca Guidotti Junior Manager
  • Cristina Biancardi
    Cristina Biancardi Junior Manager
  • Patrizia Malaguti Junior Manager
  • Andrea Soldati Deputy Director
  • Marcello Testa Manager
  • Anita Ramelli Manager
  • Cristina Gamberini Junior Manager
  • Sabrina Blaser Assistant
  • Barbara Pozzetti Junior Manager
  • Lidia Broseta Aparisi Manager
  • Michela Perini Junior Manager
  • Ilaria Di Santo Assistant
  • Daniela Bianchi Junior Manager
  • Nico Cereghetti Assistant
  • Raffaella Conte Junior Manager
  • Alina Frascari Manager
  • Jacqueline Guggiari Manager
  • Michel Polli Manager
  • Gabriella Larghi Assistant

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