Why Asia? Uncover the opportunities awaiting your business.

Our mission is to help organizations adapt to changing environments, make informed decisions and chart a course for long-term success.

We work with them to develop and implement strategic plans to achieve their long-term goals and objectives.

We work closely with businesses, governmental institutions and other organizations to provide strategic insight, recommendations and guidance to better shape your expansion plan. 


Historical success & rising stars

Asia stands as the most dynamic region in the world, fueled by consistent growth, economic stability, and an environment that invites innovation.

With over 4.7 billion people, Asia accounts for two-thirds of the world's population and 40% of global economic output. Projected to drive 70% of global growth in 2023, the economic potential is undeniable.

From the Japanese miracle to the rise of the Asian tigers like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, Asia's economic growth has been unparalleled. After China, now countries like India, Indonesia, and Vietnam are emerging as growth champions.


A hub for golden opportunities

The Asian business landscape is constantly evolving, so understanding the industry dynamics and adopting a strategic mindset is paramount. In this regard, Fidinam is constantly monitoring the latest trends and developments and closely tracking opportunities to encourage foreign direct investment.

The growth of e-commerce in Asia has been remarkable, driven by a rising middle class, increasing internet penetration and the use of mobile devices. Opportunities exist in various aspects of the e-commerce ecosystem, including online marketplaces, logistics, payment solutions and cross-border trade.

Countries such as China, Vietnam and Singapore have seen a surge in technology start-ups. Areas such as fintech, health tech, edtech and AI-driven solutions continue to attract investment and talent.

As countries in Asia grapple with environmental challenges and the need to reduce carbon emissions, opportunities abound in renewable energy projects, energy efficiency solutions and sustainable agricultural practices.

The healthcare sector in Asia is growing rapidly, driven by an ageing population, increased healthcare spending and demand for innovative medical solutions. Telemedicine, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are all areas of interest.

Many Asian countries are investing heavily in infrastructure projects, including transport, smart cities and telecommunications. Companies involved in construction, engineering and infrastructure development can find opportunities in these markets.

As disposable incomes rise, there is a growing market for consumer goods and retail. These include fashion, electronics and lifestyle products.

Asia's rapid transformation offers a unique chance for business expansion. From manufacturing to healthcare, from start-ups to established corporations, the opportunity is ripe. 


Ready to seize the advantage? Explore our modulated Asia Expansion Roadmap below. Experience the unparalleled growth, innovation, and opportunity that Asia offers, guided by Fidinam experts.

Ready for Asia? Get started with the Fidinam roadmap

Are you in doubt which Asian market is right for your business? Embarking on an expansion into Asia can feel like navigating uncharted territory. But that is where Fidinam can help.

Our team of experts specializes in pinpointing the optimal entry point tailored to your business. We take your industry, company size, objectives, and more into consideration.

We have a physical presence in key Asian jurisdictions and an extensive network of trusted business partners in other markets. This allows us to guide your Asian expansion with precision and care.

Whether you're starting fresh or building on initial ideas, we are here to support you. Our Asia Expansion Roadmap is divided into 4 adaptable phases, allowing you to choose for a holistic approach or targeted assistance at specific stages.


The modulated Asia Expansion Roadmap by Fidinam

Explore business opportunities in Asia

What we will do:

Are you considering expanding in Asia, but are not certain about the best market entry point? We'll undertake a detailed analysis to identify countries that match your business ambitions and prospective goals.

What will you get?

You'll receive an "Opportunity Map", offering insights into the countries most suitable for your business. This tailored shortlist will consider factors such as:

- Business environment
- Feasibility assessment
- Tax considerations
- HR implications
- And more

Together we'll discuss the options and one or two countries will be further focused on in Phase 2. 

Designing your expansion strategy

What we will do:

Based on insights from Phase 1 or your own preferences, we'll formulate a comprehensive expansion plan, outlining your prospective presence in the chosen country/-ies.


What will you get?

You will receive a strategic plan for your Asian business venture, detailing:

- Tax optimatization and international structuring (based on the existing parent company)
- Product/service positioning against competitors
- Thorough business planning

Forming partnerships and deal matching

What we will do:

If you wish or need local collaboration, we will assist in exploring synergies with potential partners, using local knowledge for optimal alignment.

What will you get?

Work with us to establish a bespoke M&A buy-side approach. We can cover everything from the creation of longlists and shortlists to negotiations and due diligence - or only some parts of the process. We customize it to your needs.

Implementing your expansion strategy

What we will do:

With the expansion plan finalized and approved, Fidinam is here to implement and realize your Asia business expansion. 

What will you get?

Benefit from a smooth entry and maintenance with services such as:

- Company incorporations, nominee services, and bank account opening
- Setting up and running your accounting, HR, treasury services and tax filings
- Company regulation, labor contracts, visa applications, and other foundational agreements

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