Fidinam assists its clients in establishing regulated entities in multiple jurisdictions, including assessing intended investment activities, obtaining relevant business licenses and implementing compliance procedures.

After incorporation, we provide a full range of services to keep entities in good standing, such as accounting, tax filing, financial reporting and company secretarial services.

Running a regulated business has become more complex, as regulation is becoming increasingly demanding. A high level of professionalism is required within an organization to keep a business compliant - so it is essential to invest in a solid framework and establish effective procedures to avoid reputational risk, paying penalties or even losing the license.

Investors can build a compliant and cost-effective activity by relying on Fidinam compliance services in a wide range of jurisdictions, including but not limited to Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and the UAE.

Compliance made easy with fidinam

Licensing services

Fidinam helps investors, entrepreneurs and established businesses to incorporate licensed entities in several jurisdictions.

Depending on the intended investment and business activities, we can support clients in obtaining the relevant license in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the UAE.

Licensed entities are required to prepare annual financial statements and, when applicable, additional reports for investors.

When required, Fidinam can provide ad-hoc reports for regulated investment funds, such as distribution calculations, calculations of carried interest, capital drawdown calculations, preparation and distribution of capital statements, issue of capital and distribution notes*.

* Services provided in conjunction with local business partners.

In jurisdictions based on Common Law such as Singapore and Hong Kong, it is mandatory for Limited Companies to appoint a Company Secretary. A Company Secretary keeps the company’s statutory records compliant with the local regulations and supports the Directors and the Company in their obligations.

Fidinam is a regulated service provider with a team of professionals acting as licensed company secretary. In Hong Kong and Singapore, it is common practice to appoint a licensed Service Provider to cover this mandatory role. Fidinam is a stable a reliable partner to assure your company records are well kept.

Compliance services

We provide a comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) system in line with applicable regulation. AML and CTF manuals ensure that all compliance requirements are being met.

The structure of a compliance manual varies depending on the type of client’s commercial activity and regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, Fidinam provides mock inspections and compliance health checks to review your current compliance framework and ensure best practices are applied.

At Fidinam, we provide bespoke compliance training sessions tailored to your business. We conduct in-house or remote training, individual coaching and case studies covering all aspects of AML and CTF.

Our compliance training programs ensure that relevant staff fully understand regulatory standards and can confidently implement internal procedures.

We provide support and necessary tools for licensed companies to onboard customers and to manage the risks associated with third parties.

Our customer due diligence solutions go beyond Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, including client risk rating, screening against global sanctions and government watch lists, screening for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and checking Source of Funds and Wealth documentation.

At Fidinam, we have the resources and expertise needed to support firms that have been asked to implement an AML remediation process by the regulator.

We support firms to satisfy the regulator’s concerns by:
■ Setting up a robust framework
■ Improving internal policies and procedures
■ Implementing corrective actions
■ Providing remediation to impacted customers when compliance deficiencies are noted

In order to oversee internal AML policies and to remain compliant with regulations, financial institutions and other regulated entities are required to appoint an AML Compliance Officer (AMLCO) and a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).

When applicable, Fidinam can provide dedicated professionals to be appointed as AMLCO and MLRO.

Companies operating in the crypto space often miss clear guidelines due to the lack of regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions.

In our experience at Fidinam, the most critical aspects of compliance for crypto companies are AML/CTF and financial products categorization.

Fidinam offers advisory for creating and reviewing AML/CTF policies for business operating in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

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