We place meticulous attention on the creation and administration of Trusts, with confidentiality, professionalism and a long-term perspective. Our intimate relationship with settlors, protectors, and beneficiaries is critical to us, as is the ability for our clients to access our extensive network of private bankers, wealth and investment managers, professional advisors, and service companies around the world.

We have been full trustees of Trusts in different jurisdictions: in Switzerland, we are fully owner of Trust in Geneva; in Asia, we are present in New Zealand and Hong Kong since 2007 and 2018, respectively. As common law countries, both New Zealand and Hong Kong represent solid, reliable and reputable jurisdictions for establishing a Trust. Trustee companies Fidinam Genève, Fidinam New Zealand and Fidinam Hong Kong belong to the Fidinam Group.


Year of Fidinam Group establishment


Countries of residence of our settlors


Trusts constituted in New Zealand and Hong Kong

Main benefits of setting up a Trust

  • Tax planning
  • Succession planning
  • Confidentiality
  • Asset protection

Trusts can legitimately benefit from significant income, capital gains, estate and gift tax savings when properly planned and created.

Assets may legitimately be placed on trust to avoid unfavourable gift or inheritance effects (taxes, limits) which might be imposed by unfriendly legislation if the trust was not to exist.

Trusts may help to maintain confidentiality regarding the governance, allocation and distribution of certain assets forming the trust fund.

Assets may be placed on trust to protect them, as much as legally possible, from internal and external threats such as financial difficulties, bankruptcy, divorce, disputes, litigation, or seizure or confiscation by a foreign government.

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