Choosing the residency

Investment residency programs offer high-income individuals (HNWIs) the opportunity to relocate and the right to live, work, study, and receive health care in their new country of residence. Changing residency to a suitable country is an increasingly important aspect of international planning for private clients.

The Fidinam Group offers residency programs in some of the most important places in the world in terms of business environment, quality of life and opportunity to acquire citizenship. Our experts have selected for you some of the most fiscally attractive jurisdictions.


Countries exhamined


Characteristics analyzed


Countries in which we can assist for Residency relocation

A selection of Countries we have reviewed


Switzerland is a country with a very good quality of life, providing high level of personal safety, excellent, international education and high-end healthcare system.


Highly independent on international trade and finance, Hong Kong has a unique political and financial system that welcomes one of the largest portions of HNWI in the world.


Nestled between the French Riviera and northern Italy, Monaco has been a magnet for millions of visitors each year.


The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) is an increasingly popular destination for clients looking to establish residency. Being strategically located in the crossroads of the world, the UAE enthusiastically embraces incomers seeking to work and invest. 

Key factors that influence the choice of Residency

  • Tax
  • Quality of life
  • Safeness
  • Economic vitality and centrality

Competitive and attractive tax regime with respect to income, estate, inheritance and gift taxes.

School system, health care, climate, air and environmental quality.

Stable and advanced political system; legality and security of individuals.

Efficient public administration; sparkling economic and financial community; centrality with respect to reference markets.

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