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Integrated tax and corporate advisory services.

Since 1960, Fidinam has offered consultancy services in tax and corporate matters to individuals and companies, both Italian and foreign.
Thanks to the presence of international tax consultants and our foreign network, we support our clients in their business vision, assisting them in the adoption of the most operationally advantageous choice.

We also assist in planning and protection of assets, maintaining the international vocation of the Group, using legal instruments and institutions capable of safeguarding the consistency and profitability of large assets, maximising their management efficiency in tax and organisational terms and facilitating the transition between generations.

Fidinam Italia’s historical experience in managing structures located in multiple jurisdictions and familiarity with issues related to the coordination of different legal systems are among Fidinam’s main strengths Italy.



We follow and support the client both in the extraordinary activities (mergers, divisions, contributions, transfers of headquarters from Italy abroad and vice versa) and in the ordinary ones, through continuous assistance through compliance activities.

Constantly updated on the practice of tax and fiscal management, Fidinam Italia offers its advice in the following areas:

  • answers to single inquiries about tax matters, domestic and international, and issuing technical opinions on the fiscal implications of each operation

  • drafting of respondents and assistance in relations with the Financial Administration

  • elaboration of national fiscal strategies and possible interactions with foreign countries

  • assistance in matters of succession


Our structure is aimed at Italian groups with foreign based companies, as well as foreign multinationals present in Italy, with the aim of assisting them on issues of international and Community tax law.

Thanks to the international network, we support our clients in the preparation of international tax planning, in the analysis of transactions and investments located in countries with privileged taxation, assistance in setting up and concluding international tax ruling procedures.

This activity includes the analysis of the application of the Double Taxation Conventions, as well as the study of European tax legislation in order to carry out a correct tax planning in the field of:

  • new activities and new investments

  • extraordinary transactions

  • corporate and group restructuring

We also advise on the application of preferential arrangements for the transfer of residence of natural persons from abroad to Italy and vice versa, through preliminary feasibility analyses and subsequent refinement of the transfer procedure in all States providing for such facilities.


We look for the most suitable tool for the different needs related to the personal or business assets of the client, with a particular focus on wealth planning, generational changes and governance of the Family Business.

Thanks to a careful listening to the needs of the customer, we propose tailor made solutions able to ensure the pater familias stability and efficiency, such as:

Ricerchiamo lo strumento più adatto alle diverse esigenze relative al patrimonio personale o aziendale del cliente, con un particolare focus sui temi di Wealth Planning, passaggi generazionali e governance del Family Business.

Grazie ad un attento ascolto delle esigenze del cliente, prospettiamo soluzioni tailor made in grado di assicurare al pater familias stabilità ed efficienza, quali:

  • holding company of family

  • agreements of the family

  • donations

  • insurance policies

  • trustee entrustments

  • various tasks in matters of succession (preparation of statements of succession, division of inheritance).

We can offer legal and tax advice on all aspects related to the Trust institution, as well as assistance to trustees, Settlors, Beneficiaries or other entities related to the Trust.
Our experience also embraces the will of philanthropists, especially in the light of the recent legislation on Third Sector Institutions, such as Foundations and Associations.

The constant interest in  works of art and the internationalisation of the market require a more widespread knowledge of the peculiarities of taxation of art, not only among experts but also among collectors and investors.

Fidinam Italia has acquired significant and recognised experience in taxation and law of the art field, providing assistance and advice to national and international artists and art galleries, tax and contractual compliance, with particular reference to the sale of works of art in Italy and abroad.
We pay particular attention to the highlights in the relationship with the work of art, such as the purchase, protection, preservation and enhancement and finally the transfer to third parties.

We are also specialised in consulting services to collectors, individuals and entities for fiscal implication in collecting and  planning the succession of art collection.


Our experts

Filippo Tornambè

Managing Director
filippo.tornambe@fidinam.com | + 39 02 76014853

Fidinam Italia
Via Senato 12, 20121 Milano, Italia
Tel. +39 02 76014853 | Fax +39 02 782598


Raffaella Arena

Tax Consultant
raffaella.arena@fidinam.com | +39 02 76014853

Fidinam Italia
Via Senato 12, 20121 Milano, Italia
Tel. +39 02 76014853 | Fax +39 02 782598


Carlotta Parente

Tax Consultant
carlotta.parente@fidinam.com | +39 02 76014853

Fidinam Italia
Via Senato 12, 20121, Milano, Italia
Tel. +39 02 76014853 | Fax +39 02 782598



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