An accurate analysis of risks and coverages to ensure the appropriate security is in place to deal with any unpleasant problems that arise. Our team of specialists will help you identify the best risk profile for your personal or business circumstances.

Risk analysis

Balanced risk management helps companies and individuals achieve their goals. This process begins with an analysis of the risks: identifying potential threats and evaluating them on the basis of their potential to compromise your assets and earnings objectives. RVA creates a high but economically-sustainable level of security for clients by re-evaluating it regularly.

Analysis of insurance portfolios

An analysis of the insurance portfolio is essential for checking and optimising existing policies based on the level of protection needed and related market cost. Our team conducts a risk-focused insurance portfolio analysis to achieve the highest level of security obtainable individually and keep control of it over time.

Pensions analysis

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to deal with bereavement or a change in circumstances, such as retirement or inheritance. At times like these, a clear view of your personal circumstances with an overall picture of what’s available in terms of pensions is helpful and reassuring.

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