Retirement planning

We take care of your future and that of your employees with ad-hoc solutions designed for both the corporate world and individuals. It's never too early to plan for tomorrow. RVA provides pension tools to build the foundation for the future you deserve.

Occupational pensions

Taking proper care of your staff can lead to enormous benefits in terms of motivation and productivity. We can ensure employees continue to receive their salary during periods of incapacity and provide disability pensions, coverage for the costs of treatment and even long-term savings plans for retirement. Workplace coverage offers financial, emotional and practical support when employees need it most.

Employee pensions

Recruiting and retaining employees to meet current and future business needs are the principal preoccupations of employers. Statistics show that more than half of employers want to maintain and promote a balance between work, life, health and well-being, and 9 out of 10 employees are in favour of pension benefits (source: HBR 2019). Providing the right combination of benefits to meet these needs and retain your workforce is a winning formula.

Pensions for self-employed individuals

Setting up your own independent business is a major challenge. A pension is one of the most important concerns that demand your attention; with no employer to take care of things, entrepreneurs must ensure they make adequate arrangements with the help of professional experts.

Private pensions

Private pensions - the 3rd pillar in Switzerland - was created to bridge any gaps in pension provision and ensure you continue to enjoy a satisfactory lifestyle after you retire, as well as the tax benefits they bring. This private pillar can be adapted to your personal requirements and is of the utmost importance for self-employed workers.

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