Optimisation and Management

Our expert staff are here to support you through every stage of your life or that of your company, providing qualified specialist support adapted to your needs.

Optimisation of insurance solutions

We ensure your insurance policies are the right ones for your personal and business needs, focusing on the optimisation of fixed insurance costs and residual risk. RVA’s numerous insurance partners are a guarantee of quality for our clients, providing a variety of solutions for every need.

Tax and inheritance optimisation via insurance tools

Our insurance options can optimise your personal tax burden and ensure it remains appropriate over time, as well as operating in favour of inheritance procedures by taking advantage of the various solutions available on the market. Let the specialists guide you towards achieving your goals.

Management of insurance portfolios

It takes time and effort to achieve the appropriate level of skill needed to understand the processes involved and manage an insurance portfolio effectively. Changes to the risk, changes in the law and any claims that arise are just some of the onerous tasks to be undertaken when dealing with insurance. Relying on an expert partner is a winning decision in terms of time and resource management.

Insurance management for third-party clients

Practical issues relating to insurance requirements can also come up when providing third-party corporate and consultancy services, and a lack of expertise in this area can be a strategic competitive disadvantage. The alternative we offer is a first-class service provided by a specialist partner like RVA.

Claims management

The small print contained in some claims settlements can require a clear understanding of what’s at stake, including the hidden details of the insurance cover and regulations involved. Having technical assistance with insurance is a practical advantage when dealing with a sector that requires specialist knowledge.

Legal management of complex claims

When insurance claims and rights lead to legal disputes, insurance skills are needed in addition to the legal skills of lawyers to modify the dynamics which the sector dictates, based on particular regulations and guidelines.

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