GPM - Global Property Management

GPM – Global Property Management SA provides the largest offer of services in the real estate sector and constitutes, together with Direzione Lavori SA, the real estate sales department of Fidinam Group. 

Thanks to the long-standing history and the strength of experience gained in over 60 years of business, we can guarantee our clients a customized and flexible approach.

Our Team

  • Stefano Rossi
    Stefano Rossi Managing Director and Partner
  • Lorenzo De Luca
    Lorenzo De Luca Director
  • Graziano Marra
    Graziano Marra Deputy Director
  • Gaetano Franchina
    Gaetano Franchina Director - Building Administration
  • Marzio Mazzoleni
    Marzio Mazzoleni Director and Partner - Intermediation Sector
  • Mauro Tonelli
    Mauro Tonelli Director and Partner - Administration Sector

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