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Fidinam SA

Fidinam SA offers business consulting services to both small and multinational companies in Switzerland.

Our capillary presence in Ticino allows us to guarantee proximity to our clients in the main towns of Lugano, Mendrisio and Bellinzona. 

Our Team

  • Guido Turati Expert in finance and controlling dipl. fed. Partner
  • Roberto Bonanomi Joint-Director and Partner
  • Luca Papa Business Economist Joint-Director and Partner
  • Davide Granzella Specialist in finance and accounting Joint-Director and Partner
  • Maurito Rossi Joint-Director and Partner
  • Massimiliano Tasinato Director
  • Sonia Meier Branch manager
  • Claudia Nessi Deputy Director
  • Samuele Lombardini M.A. Management and Economics Expert
  • Manuele Ferrari Deputy Director
  • Luigi Fumasoli Deputy Director
  • Sonia Cappellini Deputy Director

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Specialist business consultancy

Fidinam SA

Via Maggio 1

6900, Lugano, Switzerland

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