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Fidinam Foundation

The Fidinam Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2008 and supervised by the Swiss Confederation, exercised by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). For its activity it can rely mainly on funds provided by a trust set up by Mr. Tito Tettamanti, from donations made by the Fidinam Group, of which Mr. Tettamanti is the founder, and from third party donations.

By statute the Foundation is committed to supporting projects in the fields of education and culture, health, the fight against poverty and sustaining to the market economy. The Fidinam Foundation contributes to the financing of non-profit initiatives in relevant areas of society both in Ticino and in other regions of Switzerland.

Over the past 10 years, the Fidinam Foundation - together with its sister company Fidinam International Charity Foundation - has donated a total of 14 million Swiss francs.

The Foundation is chaired by Mr. Tito Tettamanti, honorary president of the Fidinam Group and on the foundation board sit Mr. Massimo Pedrazzini, Mr. Roberto Grassi, Prof. Dr. Med. Tiziano Moccetti, Mrs Alessandra Niedecker and Mr. Konrad Hummler.

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