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Each family reflects its own history, reputation and values. The mission of the Family Office is to identify the ideals, interests and current and future needs of all family activities with the sole purpose of fulfilling their needs and helping them to achieve their strategic objectives.

The purpose of the Family Office is to be able to simplify everyday life, support the family in key decisions so as to preserve family cohesion and adequately protect its assets.
Setting up the Family Office is a process that requires strategic planning and design to meet the many business and personal needs: we offer you our full suite of tax advisory services to help you achieve your goals.



Our Family Office services

Wealth Management

It is essential to identify the right planning tools for the proper protection and management of family assets. The needs of the family evolve over time and the task of the Family Office is to evolve with them while protecting the continuity of the Family Business.
It is important to have an investment strategy, proper succession planning and adequate asset protection.

Investment Strategy Succession Planning   Relocation and Tax Advice  Compliance and Regulatory Asset Protection Insurance

Wealth Planning

A logical and systematic methodology allows to us to recognise, analyse, evaluate and monitor the risks associated to any function in order to obtain as a result a minimization of losses and a maximization of opportunities.

The Family Office, through careful analysis, proposes strategic solutions focused on achieving its goals. A detail of the various services that we propose in the management of your assets can be those of optimisation of the global costs of a possible structure, a complete analysis of your business and where to identify the possible operational and non-operational risks, administrative work related to your family business and management and consultancy of the Family Trust.

Risk Management Asset Management Cost Optimisation Reporting and Record keeping Administrative Services Management of Family Trust and Foundation Real Estate Management Private Equity

Family Governance

Prominent entrepreneurial families are faced with the challenges of intergenerational transfer of family wealth, whether financial or moral.
The Family Office is a key partner in setting up and regulating family governance, in the interest of each individual family member but with a single common purpose.
Our aim is to identify together the future strategies for a fair transition of the family business. Only through knowledge and planning can added value be created.

Philanthropy Wealth Transfer and Business Interests Family Council Family Constitution or Family Chart

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