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Fidigit (Schweiz) AG

As Abacus partner, Fidigit (Schweiz) AG supports you in all the phases of your IT project: from the needs’ analysis, to the implementation of Abacus, through the support during day-to-day operations or assistance in the event of an emergency. Our experienced team of 25 people can support you in your digitization journey: we help you scale up your business through efficient process streamline. Need to focus on your core business? You can rely on us.

Your partner of choice in the Abacus world

Based on our long-term experience as an Abacus partner, we proceed according to the following steps:

Analysis and conception

We work together with you to create the basis for a successful project.


We configure Abacus appropriately, properly and define each individual interface.


We test your solution, migrate the data and ensure seamless operations. This includes training for all users.


At the end, we hand over to you the solution and conclude the project.

Online support

We can provide you support not only on-site, but also online.

Our Team

  • Michèle Troller-Wick Director Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Stefan Hochstrasser Senior Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Martin Schwärzel Senior Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Karin Stemm Jerot Senior Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Christian Besmer Senior Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Valentine Rapenne Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Erwin Varga Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Roman Wey Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Konstantinos Danilis Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Doris Stauffacher Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Christoph Härmens Manager Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
  • Noah Haas Senior Consultant Fidigit (Schweiz) AG

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Contact us

Your point of reference for Abacus consulting

Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
Pfingstweidstrasse 60,
8005 Zürich


Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
Speichergasse 17/19,
3001 Bern



Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
Grosspeter Tower, 21st floor,
Grosspeteranlage 29
4052 Basel


Fidigit (Schweiz) AG
Inseliquai 12A, 
6005 Luzern


Fidigit (Suisse) SA
Avenue Blanc 53,
1202 Genève

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