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Fidigit SA

Fidigit is the IT consulting company of the Fidinam Group that was founded with the intent to propose new and interesting IT solutions to recurring business problems of companies. Thanks to the skills of over ten employees, we are ready to support you in the implementation of management solutions.

We can help you automate your workflows, make your documents more accessible and cut the costs of your support processes. More time and focus for your customers, less worry in running your business.

Discover our solutions

Fidigit supports companies in their digitization journey by offering perfectly integrated products tailored to customers thanks to the integration of ERP software, documents and the experience of Fidinam Group.

Our experience has led us to develop ready-to-use solutions, bringing high-end tools closer to the SME market. We have paid particular attention to micro-entrepreneurship, an important environment in our area, which needs cutting-edge solutions to participate in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Team

  • Mattia Minotti
    Mattia Minotti Director Fidigit SA
  • John Muschietti
    John Muschietti MSc Director Fidigit SA

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Fidigit SA

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