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Manage finance department from A to Z with integrated Finance solution by Abacus: discover an integrated solution to efficiently manage financial accounting, asset ledger and effectively carry out banking transactions. As an expert finance professional, do you struggle to combine all data relevant to make a decision and to gather all in one place? Struggle no more: with Abacus Finance solution, you get the opportunity to streamline your Finance department, manage profitability, combine financial and management accounting data into a single universal journal. 



Secure, fast and efficient transmission of data and payments to financial institution. Forget paper and exhausting manual reconciliation: with Abacus finance module you can securely access your financial data and manage the whole finance process digitally.



Access your data anytime you need: monitor your asset value and let the right people access relevant data:  you have full control on visibility permission. Your Finance dashboard enables seamless automation and frictionless access to data. Looking for specific customisation? Talk to us today: our Team is at your disposal for any question. 



Asset accounting, accounts receivable, general ledger, accounts payable, electronic banking: with Abacus you get an interactive dashboard to access data that are meaningful for your business. 

Streamline your Finance department

Simplified dashboard

Analytical tools to manage financial and cost accounting with industry-specific solutions for internal control of cost centers. It streamlines every process from Accounts Receivables to Accounts Payable while the e-Banking supports you in the smooth and efficient process of financial transactions.
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Access your data anytime

Manage your company assets everywhere, anywhere! According to international standards – such as Swiss GAAP and IFRS, this component ensures data entered or accrued interest are always available to key decision makers.
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Safe payments

Execute payments and monitor your transactions with latest technology and security solutions. As a central and easy-to-use tool, the software supports you in the secure processing of your financial transactions with the most diverse banking institutions and thus optimises your payment transactions.
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Key features

Monitor and control Financial, Assets and Payments anytime

We assist you with the implementation of a versatile solution to analyse efficiently and automate your finance department.

Finance, Account receivables, general ledger and electronic banking dashboards.


How we support you


As flexible as necessary – as standardised as possible. Our solutions are built on standards that have proven themselves in practice for many years. We combine these with specialist knowledge and modern operating models such as outsourcing – as a Fidigit cloud solution or as part of a traditional face-to-face relationship. Contact us so we can find the option that best suits you.


We help you scale up your business through efficient Finance process streamline. Need to focus on your core business? We got our back: through Fidinam Group miscellaneous expertise in various areas - from CFO as a service to digital consulting, we are the partner your company can rely on. 

Our Team

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