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Optimise your existing ERP system

With the CheckIT! analysis, you can unleash the potential of your complete Abacus system landscape – and take advantage of it. The new possibilities for digitalisation and added value in sector-specific solutions are particularly interesting, such as ITworks:CARE for social institutions.

You benefit from the many years of experience of our consulting specialists who, together with your employees, focus on how your operations and processes are mapped in Abacus. We detail the findings of our analysis in a written report that we deliver to you along with practical recommendations.

From analysis to optimisation

No matter whether you’re already benefiting from Fidigit’s Abacus support or are considering a new distribution partner: After a CheckIT! analysis, nothing will stand in the way of optimising your Abacus ERP system, thanks to our expert advice.


Added value for you

image-png-Mar-16-2021-09-57-30-12-AMOur experienced specialists offer you targeted Abacus expertise with an in-depth analysis and useful recommendations
image-png-Mar-16-2021-09-57-30-12-AMWe give you a detailed description of your current Abacus system landscape
image-png-Mar-16-2021-09-57-30-12-AMYou get to see where there’s unused potential
image-png-Mar-16-2021-09-57-30-12-AMAs part of our workshops, learn about the new possibilities and functions
image-png-Mar-16-2021-09-57-30-12-AMDigitalisation sits at the heart of our consulting support
image-png-Mar-16-2021-09-57-30-12-AMPrepare your system landscape for the future


Long-standing partner

Fidinam Group is Gold Partner of Abacus and has already completed many projects in a wide range of industries. Drawing on our consulting expertise, we analyse your system landscape in depth and develop it further through a targeted approach.


Experienced specialists

Our long-serving employees have extensive experience of Abacus and consulting. We keep them up to date with the latest developments through continuous certification, training and instruction on new features, so that we can offer you the best possible consulting service.


Global network

With Fidigit as your Abacus distribution partner, you have access to Fidinam Group’s expertise within its national and global network. This means that we can give you advice that goes beyond technical and system-related issues. You decide how much support you want from us.

Invest in your future

You can select different modules to compile your individual CheckIT!. The cost of investment per module is moderate and includes a workshop on your premises, documentation and a final on-site meeting.

Our Team

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