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For small and medium-sized enterprises, flexibility is key to succeed. The rapid adaptation to new production processes is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. A flexible IT system to react to the challenges and even to act proactively is crucial for Swiss SMEs and entrepreneurs. Fidigit, together with Abacus, partners with Swiss enterprises to offer advantageous solution to efficiently manage administrative processes and the whole production.


Seamless processes

In every interlock in every company, order processing and administration process take over the mapping of complex processes and networked structures: with the help of our Team, we can help in assessing and design the administration and production processes and run them seamlessly on Abacus business software.



A clear view of the company requires up-to-date and meaningful information. Abacus provides management with all the relevant business information to the management at any time - from detailed to condensed information at the company level.



Swiss standard, but at your own pace: high flexibility and high adaptability to every industry make Abacus software the perfect partner to grow and manage your business with.

Bring your company one step ahead in the digital journey through Abacus offer

Manage customer relationships

From Marketing to Sales, CRM processes are structured and distributed within the organization. All divisions in the company can benefit of distributed information and use the same CRM database. For small to large enterprises, CRM is crucial to connect with your customers. As Marketing Manager, your decision will benefit of high quality data of your customers, prospects and leads. Talk to us today for a free demo.

Your business is open, 24/7

Digitise processes with your customers and suppliers: from A to Z, our experiences consultants can assist you in structure the whole selling process with a fully integrated Web Shop and ticketing system. Save time and costs through automatic exchange of documents and benefit from a competitive digital advantage through Abacus.

Right at the core

Grant your business with continuity on internal processes: being fully integrated with Abacus e-Commerce and Production Planning, this module will give your business the digital support needed to run your organization smoothly. From order processing to financial accounting: a unique, integrated digital workflow.

React promptly

With many industry-specific solutions, the Abacus project management enables targeted, efficient profitability control for projects, employees and machines. All relevant project information are up to date and available to you everywhere. This allows you to react quickly and in a timely manner to changing circumstances.

Flexibility when it is most needed

The demand for flexibility is omnipresent in small and medium-sized enterprises. The rapid adaptation of production processes to changing conditions is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. Orders have to be constantly adapted to changing conditions, be it through additional parts list items or work processes. The Abacus PPS module actively supports you by providing you with suitable tools for this purpose.

Tailored precisely to your needs

We stand alongside you in every phase of the project, taking care of any step. From the design to the implementation till the support you can rely on our expertise. Take care of your business: we take care of the everything else.

side by side

No matter what the project, the first thing we do is get together with you to define the targets – including time, budget and responsibilities. A key element of this is identifying who needs what and how the individual elements should work. We define whether data are transferred and  which forms, processes and controls you need for document management.


We create prototypes on request that approximate the final solution as closely as possible. This allows you to test out the central functions at your convenience and gather acceptance from your employees.

Manage staff

Once you’ve given us the green light, we seamlessly implement all agreed processes. Together with us, you put all agreed functions through their paces, while we oversee training your users and compiling all necessary training documents. Since digital solutions require data, we monitor the data migration from your previous system to the new one. Of course we’ll be on hand during the start phase to assist you with application and answer your questions – online, by phone or in person.


You can also transfer some of your duties to us, on request. We have customised attractive outsourcing packages for you for this purpose. Also, our support is constant and reliable: you can contact us at abacus.support@fidinam.ch or +41 58 960 69 00 Mon to Fri 08:00 - 17:00: our consultant will be happy to assist you

Our Team

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