Webinar - Investing in Italy: Legal and tax advice for Chinese investors / 网络研讨会 - 在意大利投资:给中国投资者的法律及税务建议

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We are pleased to invite you to the webinar "Investing in Italy: Legal and tax advice for Chinese investors”, organized by Fidinam and ADVANT Nctm.

Date: Thursday 27 April
Time: 17.00-18.00 BJT
Format: Webinar via Zoom
Language: Chinese

我们很高兴地邀请您参加由Fidinam和ADVANT Nctm组织的网络研讨会 "在意大利投资: 给中国投资者的法律及税务建议".

日期:4月27日 周四
形式:Zoom 远程网络研讨会


Why you should attend / 为什么应该参加

This event is designed for Chinese business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to set up an investment/business in Italy.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • Corporate governance structure in Italy
  • Taxation framework
  • General overview on visa requirements

Our expert speakers will share their insights and experience in navigating Chinese outbound investments to Italy, and provide practical tips on how to succeed.

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  • 意大利的公司治理结构
  • 税收框架    
  • 签证要求概况



About the speakers / 演讲者介绍

Hermes Pazzaglini, Equity Partner at ADVANT Nctm (Shanghai) / 意大利安启建律师事务所驻上海代表处合伙人

Pazzaglini-Hermes-1Hermes Pazzaglini mainly deals with Mergers & Acquisitions, commercial and corporate law and Litigation & Arbitration, with a particular focus on the relations between Italy, China and Hong Kong.

He assists Italian companies with interests in China and Chinese businesses active in Europe.

He has extensive experience joint ventures, restructuring, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, in contract drafting and issues related to Chinese company law.

Hermes is a panel arbitrator at the Shanghai International Arbitration Center and the Shenzhen International Arbitration Court.

Hermes Pazzaglini主要处理合并与收购、商业法和公司法以及诉讼和仲裁,尤其关注意大利、中国和香港之间的关系。




Messie Mei, Tax Consultant at Fidinam Italia /  意大利Fidinam 税务顾问

MessieMei_FotoMessie Mei, tax consultant of Fidinam Italia, mainly practices in accounting and tax consultancy and assistance for commercial and industrial small and medium size companies.

She assists Chinese companies and entrepreneurs with interests in Italy and Europe.

She graduated in Economics and Corporate Law (MSc) in 2018 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and she joined Fidinam Italia in 2021.

She is fluent in Chinese, Italian and English.

Messie Mei意大利Fidinam公司的税务顾问,主要为商业和工业中小型企业提供会计和税务方面的咨询以及协助





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About Fidinam and ADVANT Nctm / 关于Fidinam和ADVANT Nctm

Fidinam is a private consulting firm founded in Switzerland in 1960, with an international presence.

We offer tax advisory, business consulting, real estate services, wealth and estate planning, licensing and compliance services, and digital and blockchain consulting. Our clients include individuals, SMEs and multinational companies in a wide range of industries.

We have been present in Asia Pacific for over 10 years, with offices in Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney. In Europe we are also present in the main cities of Switzerland (Geneva, Zürich, Lugano, Bern, Basel, Luzern), Monaco, Luxemburg and Italy (Milan).

Fidinam Shanghai provides a wide range of services for both international and local clients. We support international clients looking to invest and set up a business in China, through services such as the incorporation of entities, accounting, tax, HR and employment services.

Vice versa, we support Chinese clients who want to expand their business abroad by leveraging on Fidinam’s solid experience, knowledge and network in different jurisdictions. Furthermore, Fidinam Shanghai provides international tax advisory, wealth and estate planning, citizenship and residency planning and digital consulting.

Fidinam,1960年成立于瑞士, 是一家具有国际影响力的私人咨询公司

我们提供税务咨询、商业咨询、房地产服务、财富和遗产规划、许可和合规服务以及数字和区块链咨询服务。 我们的客户包括各行业的个人、中小企业和跨国公司。





ADVANT Nctm is the Italian member firm of ADVANT, a distinctly European association of independent law firms focused on helping you navigate the complex and nuanced legal and commercial landscape of Europe.

With about 250 professionals, including 65 partners, and 4 offices in Italy and abroad (Milan, Rome, London and Shanghai), ADVANT Nctm is one of the leading independent Italian law firms in terms of size, number and relevance of transactions handled.

ADVANT Nctm has never ceased to grow since its foundation in 2000. Nctm provides its assistance, both nationally and internationally, in legal and tax matters and in all areas of business law. Its practice areas and departments are fully committed, through multidisciplinary team working, to meeting the clients’ needs.

ADVANT Nctm是安启建律师事务所于意大利的成员事务所,是一家独特的欧洲独立律师事务所协会,专注于帮助您驾驭欧洲复杂而微妙的法律和商业环境。

ADVANT Nctm拥有约250名专业人员,包括65名合伙人,并在意大利和及其他国家(米兰、罗马、伦敦和上海)设有4个办事处,在处理交易的规模、数量以及相关方面是意大利领先的独立律师事务所之一。

自2000年成立以来,ADVANT Nctm 从未停止过发展。Nctm在意大利和国际层面上提供法律和税务事务以及商业法所有领域的协助。其业务领域和部门通过多学科的团队工作,充分致力于满足客户的需求。

ADVANT Nctm在市场和法律专家中脱颖而出,成为许多方面的创新者。本所在法律和税务咨询方面取得了许多第一,在技术领域也做出了开拓性的选择


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