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Real estate brokerage, advice for selling and buying


Real estate market is tricky: to buy or sell a property you not only need some experience in the field, but also a thorough understanding of the laws and building regulations of the Country where you are going to buy. Bearing in mind that, in most cases, these vary from municipality to municipality, with restrictions and exceptions often valid for individual districts.

Technical-legal knowledge aside, it is good to rely on a real estate company that acts as an intermediary: the advantage is not only to relieve the heavy burden of practices, but also to have the security of aligning properties to changing market prices.

A real estate brokerage company relies on its experience in all those cases in which the customer seeks a precise solution, according to parameters that can range from the location to the surface, from the price to the destination, from the period of use (in the rent) to the actual completion of administrative and legal procedures.

The cases vary according to the needs. For example, a company expanding abroad may need to find both representative offices and a factory to set up a production unit.

The most important aspects of real estate brokerage

  1. Giving the right value to the property: whether it is a purchase or a lease, it is very important to establish the value of the property through an appraisal, both for the seller and the buyer. GPM, a company part of Fidinam Group, carries out appraisals and estimates at every level, which concern large banks and insurance companies, as well as individual private individuals. The value of a property depends on many factors: its history and value, the real conditions in which it is located, its legal status and its position. The purchase or rental can fall within the scope of specific legal conditions such as a dispute, an inheritance, a mortgage.

  2. Satisfying the client's requests: it seems obvious, but a feasibility study and a market research are the best tools to meet client's needs. Our real estate company has the necessary experience to know the real value of a property and propose the best price, both in the purchase, sale or rental.

What it means to rely on real estate brokerage in buying and selling

    • Provide a complete picture of the state of the property, its strengths and weaknesses.

    • Treat the best price in case of sale, purchase and rental.

    • Provide financing assumptions and recommendations for cheaper loans and mortgages.

    • Have independent advice, which covers the entire process of buying, selling and leasing.

    • Get to know the real estate market in the area, relying on experienced brokers to make a smart investment.

    • To be able to count on an experienced staff that does not suffer from the emotional pressure typical of these situations.

    • Competence and confidentiality to better focus and complete the purchase or sale.

    • Always find the ideal solution for specific requests of a commercial, industrial or personal nature.

Advices to sell and rent

Having said that relying on a real estate brokerage firm is important, when you want to have a property valued, it is essential to look for a buyer or tenant to facilitate operations as much as possible, especially when faced with specific requests and important estimates.

    • Selling the property in the best possible conditions: the quality of a property also depends on the finishes and details, so sometimes a simple finish can increase the value or help to maintain it over time. If you sell a property in poor condition you lose from the beginning. In the case of an estimate or evaluation, the first impression is the one that counts.

    • Adapt it to the type of clients you want to sell or rent to. The sale of real estate is a commercial operation and requires an appropriate partner able to carry it out. How to identify the ideal customer? The sale or rental price is bound to make a difference. Having a clear idea from the start of who to sell or the house to, will help to find the most suitable counterpart to conclude with. Even when renovating, finishing or decorating your home, you need to have the potential buyer in mind. One mistake that should not be made is to narrow your ideal target too much or personalising your property too much: the property can be converted and used in many ways, while maintaining the same destination. Keeping a neutral appearance, always paying attention to detail, helps to find the ideal buyer.

    • Do not make estimates based on the value of other properties: one of the main reasons for relying on a brokerage firm is to avoid making instinctive decisions. Selling a house, finding a tenant is not easy, especially under the conditions imagined. If you are tempted to give a value based on the cost made by others, you will probably end up disappointed. In any case, a professional estimate is able to say how much the property is reasonably worth and how much you can get from it. Relying on a real estate agency allows you to minimize the risk of paying an off-market price. It is important to understand the needs of the seller and the buyer. The risk of doing so at a price lower than the actual value increases if no reliable price is established from the outset.

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