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Partial unemployement and Coronavirus: updated measures


The demand for reduced labour by Swiss companies is currently increasing to cope with the pandemic triggered by the Covid-19 virus. The welfare measures proposed by the Swiss Confederation allow companies to make use of important protective measures, such as partial unemployment for example.

Partial unemployment is currently the main measure by which Swiss companies are counteracting the negative economic effects, which are particularly reflected in the lack of liquidity. The companies most affected are mainly transport, fashion and construction companies.

In recent days, the Canton of Ticino, given the state of emergency declared by the Council of State in March, has further facilitated the use of this measure by Ticino companies. In particular, there are two important measures aimed at streamlining the procedure for submitting an application to the Canton.

The forms

The application form to be submitted to the canton to apply for short-time work, as of today, is only the "Pre-announcement of short-time work" form. There will therefore no longer be any need to submit the "Short-time work approval" form. Instead of the approval form, in this emergency situation, it is sufficient to indicate in point 11 of the "Short-time work approval" form, or through a separate self-certification, that the employer confirms that he has notified all employees involved in the short-time work and that they have accepted it.

The timescale for applying for short-time work

From the previous 10 days required to apply for short-time work, the canton has decided to limit the starting time for short-time work to only 3 days. In this way, companies will be able to take remedial measures more quickly due to the decline in orders and sales that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing in the cantonal economy.

Who can assist?

Fidinam SA, through its consultants, can offer you the appropriate advice in this delicate phase, supporting you in advising you on your organisational and accounting management processes, and also by forwarding your application for work compensation to the cantonal offices in charge.

Contact us here to get assistance.

Luigi Fumasoli
Vicedirector Fidinam SA


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