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Management Consulting & CFO Services for SMEs

Business Consulting

Fidinam Group supports strategic decisions, performance analysis and governance modelling as part of its portfolio of services for SMEs. This article provides an illustrative summary of clients’ needs as well as the range of services provided by our professionals.

Key challenges for managers and entrepreneurs

Managers and entrepreneurs face rapid changes in their industries especially in Asia Pacific, a Region where economic and social development move rapidly. Changes in consumers’ behavior and basic market conditions as well as the fast adoption of disruptive technologies should be carefully evaluated by the decision makers willing to position and keep theirs companies ahead of their competitors.

Often industry leaders drive smaller players in their supply chain to follow them in new markets as experienced in the last years with OEMs moving their production facilities from Mainland China to S.E. Asia (e.g. Vietnam and Cambodia) in several sectors including electronics and machinery. A delay in re-positioning the company may cut a business out from its respective market in a short period of time.

External factors like trade wars and geopolitical conflicts are creating new routes in international trading as well as the implementation of new economic zones and trade agreements (e.g. European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement in 2020). Risk management, scenario analysis and a responsive approach allows first movers to take advantage of such changes to increase their market shares.

The digital revolution

The ongoing digital revolution is opening opportunities for companies to enter the Asian markets leveraging on the fast adoption of new technologies as well as more sophisticated behaviors of the final clients.

Fidinam has been helping its clients over the years defining and implementing go-to-market strategies in APAC countries, navigating the complexity of the market conditions as well as the changes in the regulatory frameworks.

Fidinam CFO-as-a-service offer

Strategic advisory is meaningful only if it goes hand in hand with the implementation and a result-driven approach. In Fidinam we take this practical method of work as part of our mission to grow together with our clients.

Fidinam also provides Directorship and CFO services. By taking a position in the clients’ Board of Directors, our senior professionals can provide an external and independent angle to observe and contribute to the strategic decisions of the company in the best interest of the shareholders.

Moreover, developing strategic partnership is in the DNA of Fidinam since 1960. Today our extensive network is an asset we share with our clients, often requiring not only our traditional advisory services but also support to implement their business model like identifying distributors, suppliers, local manufacturers and other service providers.

Additionally, start-ups and SMEs may ask Fidinam to support in their business planning process which includes writing positioning statements, 5-years business plans as well as yearly budgets and periodic reviews.

Thanks to its professionals with a strong background in finance and performance management, Fidinam helps clients in designing executive reporting, performance management systems, including KPI dashboards and profitability analysis report.

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