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Human resources administration: investment or DIY?


The human resources sector in a company can become strategic, when it is administered by pursuing the objectives of efficiency, planning, responsibility.

It is not simply limited to the management of human resources in the strict sense, i.e. the management of personnel, training and all processes related to the human capital of a company or an organisation. The complexity of the world of work today makes it necessary to take on the following aspects:

  • Time control and attendance cards
  • Processing of company pay slips
  • Forms and certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Assistance with recruitment and dismissal
  • Obtaining work permits (EU, third states)
  • Management of problems relating to all the different types of normal and collective agreements (cantonal and national)
  • Annual declaration for withholding taxes
  • Relocation of personnel
  • Announcement and management of claims (illness and accidents) with insurance companies
  • Insurance coverage (through the company of the RVA Associati SA Group).

When a company grows, so do its employees and the responsibilities to be delegated. The larger the organisation, the more complex it is - and the more it is committed on several aspects to acquiring and consolidating market shares or to achieving its institutional objectives; thus, the greater the weight of human resources.

This complexity of tasks means that more and more companies and organisations decide to outsource human resources, facilitating the work of the entrepreneur. Those involved in human resources management must nowadays possess these skills:

  • Knowledge of labour and tax law
  • Experience in accounting, payroll envelopes, balance sheets
  • Insurance experience
  • Experience in administrative law, regulations, licenses and permits

The service offered by Fidinam is customized and automated in order to ensure a more punctual and efficient management, especially with regard to the management of payrolls of employees.

Why outsourcing human resources management?

Outsourcing some business processes simplifies day-to-day business. It is often the simplest solution to long-standing problems that settle down over time, affecting the company's ability to achieve its goals.

Thanks to the outsourcing process proposed by Fidinam in the human resources sector it is possible to:

  • Save time and resources. The cost is predefined and the amount for an administrative consultancy it is known from the beginning - managing it internally could easily dilute the times or increase the costs.
  • Offering a continuous and reliable service that ensures independence and privacy: continuity is important in the transition phases and being able to rely on a reliable partner, present and capable allows you to devote yourself to your business with confidence.
  • Concentrating time and resources in the business rather than in the administrative part: an expanding company has to worry about facing the challenges of the market and must not remain stuck by internal practices. When new possibilities for expansion are emerging, it is necessary to employ new staff. This involves diverting resources to administrative aspects, such as professional positions or obtaining permits or contracts – all aspects which can take up time, to be instead devoted for pushing own product or service.
  • Access to technological innovations: the digitization of services is now a reality. Companies are called to technological transformation in order to not lose competitiveness, since the use of increasingly advanced programs involves a significant reduction in costs. Through management software specifically designed for these purposes, companies can access their archived documents, communicate directly with Fidinam, consult payroll envelopes, personal data, work positions.

The advantages are not only technical: working together with Fidinam companies can get in touch with an international business reality, present both locally and in the most important business locations. A company with diversified skills that can be deployed to allow customers to achieve their business goals.

Fidinam, in fact, processes more than 4,500 pay slips every month working with small and medium-sized companies, branches of large national and international groups, and listed companies. This know-how allows companies to access all the advantages arising from the use of a proven structure, with over 40 consultants dedicated to the administration of human resources - always within the framework of a personalized management. A high-level professional structure, available for ordinary and extraordinary operations, within the framework of national and international laws.

It is therefore natural that more and more companies and organisations should rely on external consulting firms with expertise in human resources management in order to concentrate this knowledge in a single entity, acting as a strategic partner.

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