Webinar - Home Office: the future after Covid

Home Office: the post-Covid future. Tax, accounting, digital and insurance aspects.

Wednesday 10 March 2021
Hours: 08:30 - 10:00
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Among the effects of the Covid-19 virus on daily life, there is certainly the massive adoption of  Home Office. This situation has generated new scenarios, which companies in Ticino are called upon to address from a tax, business, insurance and digital perspective. But what will happen when we return to pre-Covid normality? What are the plausible scenarios and how will Swiss legislation regulate working from home?

During this webinar, Fidinam Group experts will address the tax aspects of home office management, related to both individuals and legal entities, with a particular focus on withholding taxes and the recently introduced changes in legislation that are reflected in employees' payroll. It will also cover the practical aspects of working from home in an easy way, thanks to Abacus technology, and in total security, thanks to the insurance perspective related to cyber security.

Register today to learn more about the future of teleworking in the post-Covid era: our experts will be available at the end of the webinar to answer questions on the issues discussed.

Limited places available. Please note event will be held in Italian.

For more information: eventi@fidinam.ch

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Welcome - Dr. Roberto Grassi, CEO Fidinam Group

The future of work post-Covid

Studies and reflections on the future of work in the post-Covid era - Dr. Roberto Grassi, CEO Fidinam Group

Fiscal aspects of the Home Office: current situation and future perspective

Working from home has important tax implications, both for individuals and companies. What are the possible tax scenarios in the post-Covid era? - Rudy Summerer, Director Fidinam & Partners SA

Payroll management in the post-Covid era. What impact in the case of home office?

From the regulation of working hours to the management of withholding taxes: accounting updates for companies - Manuele Ferrari, Deputy Director Fidinam SA

Digital Home Office: processes and tools

Practical aspects of home office management: an overview of the Abacus tools available to companies to manage teleworking - John Muschietti, Director Fidigit SA

Which risks in Home Office?

The insurance aspect of home working: managing cyber security in the home office - Simone Schianchi, Deputy Director RVA Associati SA


In-depth discussions with experts on the topics discussed - Gabriele Battiston, Senior Advisor Fidigit SA

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