Fidinam Releases Updated White Paper on Global FinTech Regulations

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Fidinam has released an updated white paper summarizing global FinTech regulations and guidelines dedicated to investors in digital assets.

This comprehensive document offers an overview of the evolving regulatory landscape for the FinTech industry, with a focus on compliance, taxation, reporting, and corporate requirements across key jurisdictions.

As the FinTech industry faces rapid regulatory changes - with some jurisdictions imposing bans and others advocating for development - this white paper serves as an essential resource for companies, investors, and entrepreneurs involved in FinTech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It aims to guide them through the complexities of the regulatory environment, ensuring they remain compliant while capitalizing on opportunities.

Alessandro Pedrinoni, CEO Asia Pacific of Fidinam, said, “As the digital frontier expands, so does the complexity of its regulations. Our updated white paper is designed to equip stakeholders in the FinTech sector with the knowledge to not only comply with the varied regulations but also to thrive in these high-opportunity jurisdictions.”

The white paper details regulatory frameworks, sandbox initiatives, common corporate structures, taxation frameworks, and trends across Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, and the British Virgin Islands. Each section is presented in a comparative table format for ease of analysis.

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