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Welcome to a new series of Fidinam podcasts dedicated to the world of foreign investment. Parallel to the episodes focusing on Vietnam, in this new series we will focus on China. In "Fidinam Podcast - Unlocking China" we will explore the experiences of foreign companies and entrepreneurs doing business in China.

In our first episode, we delve into the dynamics of doing business in and with China with esteemed guests Mr. Bernardino Regazzoni, former Swiss Ambassador to Beijing and Board Member of Fidinam Shanghai, and Mr. Tommaso Colli, Managing Director of Fidinam Shanghai.

Episode 1: Doing business in and with China

We explore the current social and business environment in China, addressing significant changes over the past decade, including economic shifts and demographic changes. China remains a key player in the global marketplace and an important hub in the competitive global supply chain.

In our conversation, we cover the perceptions of China and how these impact business. We look at China’s focus on strengthening its domestic market and how this affects both local and foreign companies, suggesting a need for foreign companies to rethink their strategies. The discussion expands to consider strategies such as “in China, for China”, decoupling and China+1.

The conversation highlights the importance of understanding China's market dynamics and the opportunities it offers. We discuss the role of strategic sectors in driving China's economic future and maintaining its appeal to international investors.

Join us on this dialogue as we aim to provide insights into China's business landscape, offering guidance for ambitious companies seeking global success. Welcome to the Fidinam Podcast - Unlocking China!

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