Fidinam and Ivy+Partners sign MOU to build and nurture Vietnam’s tech start-up scene with full-service advisory

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Start-ups and new entrepreneurs may now apply to the pilot initiative of The Momentum Program, which offers full-service advisory under one roof.

On 17 January 2024, Swiss consulting firm Fidinam and Vietnamese consulting firm Ivy+Partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on cultivating Vietnam’s tech start-up scene.

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Fidinam specializes in tax, business, and digital consulting. The firm has well-established operations in Asia Pacific and over 6 years of presence in Vietnam. The MOU will see Fidinam further sink its roots in the local Vietnamese landscape.

Partnering firm, Ivy+Partners, is a renowned PR consultancy firm that bridges the divide between local and international agencies – by producing deep-rooted local insights while operating at pinnacle of the global standards.

Through this agreement, Fidinam and Ivy+Partners seek to build and nurture the start-up ecosystem in Vietnam. Vietnam’s tech start-up landscape, while vibrant and dynamic, faces several challenges. These include access to valuable resources and mentorship needed for scaling up and long-term success.

"The strategic objectives of this partnership are rooted in a commitment to fostering innovation, driving growth, and cultivating a supportive environment for start-ups in both the short and long term. By fostering a culture of innovation within the start-up ecosystem, our collaboration aims to empower start-ups and enable them to access new markets and customers. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to not only drive immediate growth, but also ensure the continued viability and sustainable expansion of the start-up ecosystem, laying the foundation for long-term success and prosperity,” said Francesca Severoni, Relationship Manager & Business Developer at Fidinam.

The start-up landscape in Southeast Asia

In recent years, the narrative around start-ups has expanded beyond the traditional focus on the U.S. and Western markets, with the Asia-Pacific region emerging as a vibrant hub of innovation.

Notably, Southeast Asia has garnered significant attention, showcasing its prowess in the start-up ecosystem. September 2023 saw Southeast Asia-based start-ups raise an impressive US$1.1 billion, and the momentum only intensified in December, reaching a peak of US$2.4 billion in funding.

Projections for 2024 suggest a continued upward trajectory, indicating a promising future for the region's entrepreneurial landscape.

Particularly noteworthy is Southeast Asia's burgeoning role in the field of artificial intelligence, with the region emerging as a hub for AI start-ups. Also, the Middle East and Japan expressing keen interest in channeling funds into the thriving start-up scene of Southeast Asia further confirm the positive trend. This confluence of factors solidifies the region's status as a dynamic and sought-after destination for innovation and investment.

Through growing its digital economy, Vietnam seeks to become a fully digital society by 2030, and a high-income economy by 2045.

In recent years, the government has progressively introduced new measures to support start-ups, such as launching new start-up support centers in the nation’s capital of Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. Operating in the cutthroat environment of the tech industry, new start-ups can benefit from guidance from industry experts.

What is ‘The Momentum Program’?

Titled ‘The Momentum Program’, the joint effort with Ivy+Partners seeks to promote innovation and transform innovative ideas into successful business ventures.

Fidinam and Ivy+Partners aim to be the key reference for start-ups in their early stages, with a view to future scale-up and internationalization. In time to come, more network partners will be onboarded to serve as experts to provide start-ups with even more holistic, well-rounded support in multiple areas for their long-term growth and success.

With the establishment of this MOU, The Momentum Program is now open to applications from target start-ups – entrepreneurs still to be formed or in the early stages of their journey.

Both local and international start-ups are welcome to apply. They should be ready to launch their innovative ideas in Vietnam while still possessing an international mindset.

Multidisciplinary consultancy for start-ups

To soft launch the program, both Fidinam and Ivy+Partners will be offering consultancy services at attractive prices, for a limited time only.

Program participants may leverage Fidinam’s expertise in business plan review, investor pitch coaching, company incorporation, corporate services (accounting, payroll, tax filing, etc.), scale-up market analysis, overseas support, and more.

“Fidinam’s mission is to offer multidisciplinary consultancy, able to provide a tangible added value to the client with a high level of specialization. In this regard, being a one-stop-shop for Vietnamese entrepreneurs and start-ups is our goal, which is reflected in our key values: dynamism, specialization, and trust. Building and driving this ecosystem allows us to pursue this vision and have an impact on the success of start-ups,” said Alessandro Pedrinoni, Fidinam CEO Asia Pacific.

Likewise, entrepreneurs may tap on Ivy+Partners for bespoke packages tailored to the start-up’s needs, including Public Relations, Digital Communications, Media & KOL Engagement, Personal Branding, & Business Matching services.

The importance of PR throughout start-up stages

Regardless of whether start-ups are in the pre-launch, launch, growth, funding, or maturity stage, PR should be part an integral part of the journey. At each juncture, PR efforts will also look different depending on the unique challenges faced.

For instance, start-ups in the early stages of pre-launch are often overlooked due to low brand awareness. Whereas companies that have managed to establish themselves through a solid reputation will have to ensure continued relevance in the market to stay ahead of the competition.

“As stated in our name, we are not just another PR agency. We are a PR Consulting Firm, the trusted partner for our clients. By harmoniously blending our extensive local understanding with international standards and robust networks, we craft bespoke PR plans, prioritize cost-effectiveness, and deliver tangible results. Leveraging our proven experience with diverse tech companies and start-ups across Vietnam and the APAC region, we possess a keen understanding of their unique needs. And we are glad to have Fidinam with us on this journey,” said Ivy Nhi Chau, CEO and Founder of Ivy+Partners, on the form’s differentiating factor.

Fostering Vietnam’s dynamic tech start-up ecosystem

Ivy also spoke on how The Momentum Program will remain adaptable and responsive to the dynamic changes and innovations within Vietnam’s tech start-up landscape. “Vietnam, situated within the burgeoning Southeast Asian start-up landscape, is quickly emerging as a rising star. In 2021, the country secured the third position in the Global Innovation Index, for its active role among the most-active start-up ecosystems in Southeast Asia. We believe that initiatives like The Momentum Program hold significant potential to further propel Vietnam's start-up scene.”

Thao Phuong Bui, Managing Director of Fidinam Vietnam, emphasized that: “The ecosystem contributes to this dynamic landscape by integrating resources, expertise, mentorship programs, and more. The strong and solid history of Fidinam, both in Europe and Asia, together with the experience of Ivy+Partners, is the key to help start-ups to launch locally and scale globally.”

Get started with The Momentum Program

If you’re a new entrepreneur, kickstart your growth journey today by applying to The Momentum Program via and


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