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Fidinam Group Worldwide Newsletter - May 2020

Fidinam Group Worldwide Newsletter - May edition - is online today!

In this issue:

Management Consulting & CFO Services for SMEs

Fidinam Group supports strategic decisions, performance analysis and governance modeling as part of its portfolio of services for SMEs. This article provides an illustrative summary of clients’ needs as well as the range of services provided by our professionals.

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A new company in Fidinam Group: Fidinam (Vietnam) Limited

After more than two years from the establishment of its Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Fidinam Group Worldwide has opened a full-fledged advisory company in March 2020: Fidinam (Vietnam) Limited.

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Using an Escrow Agent to your facilitate and secure your transactions

In commercial transactions, suppliers require more and more to get paid once the order is confirmed, while Buyers want to be sure to get what they pay for, and prefer to pay once the goods are delivered.

In such cases, an escrow agent can be an efficient solution to solve each party’s concerns.

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How to manage your Company from anywhere

Since the beginning of 2020, social distancing means working from home for many companies. This is leading to a “business transformation” on multiple levels. Even for small companies, with few internal processes, this shift can prove challenging without solid solutions in cloud computing.

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Notification requirements in accordance to economic substance regulation in U.A.E.

On 30 April 2019 the Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) was introduced in the UAE to align the country with the global standards to prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). According to the UAE legislation, the ESR is applicable to 9 business activities called Relevant Activities” but all businesses licensed in the UAE shall have to submit a notification within 30 June 2020.

The ESR shall apply as of 1 January 2019 consequently the first financial year of assessments is the one starting on or after 1 January 2019.

The purpose of ESR is to assess and ensure that businesses within the UAE conducting Relevant Activities have in the UAE the necessary substance.

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China: Acceleration of e-commerce and new online purchasing patterns

The Coronavirus outbreak that first developed in Wuhan and quickly spread to the entire country has triggered a range of disruptive consequences for the supply chain of a multitude of domestic and foreign companies in China, also generating significant change in terms of consumers’ behavior and preferences.

An army of delivery men, riding their scooter through the empty avenues of China’s megacities to deliver warm meals, hand sanitizers and masks have become the iconic image of an entire nation during Coronavirus outbreak.

Given the unfortunate circumstances, delivery men have been the only link with the outside world for many Chinese who have been forced to residential lockdown in their apartments for weeks.

While China is already an established leader within the field of digital economy, the outbreak has represented a fertile ground to even further accelerate the transition from traditional retail to e-commerce platforms, whereas the push has been supported by automated delivery, use of artificial intelligence and robotics.

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