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Fidinam CFO Services in Asia Pacific

Fidinam supports the growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Asia Pacific by assisting its clients in managing their economic and financial position with a new service line: “CFO Services”.
Thanks to a team of professionals based in Hong Kong and Singapore with a solid finance background, our Group can offer a range of tailor-made solutions supporting the strategy of our clients in the Region. The range of Fidinam CFO Services includes the followings:

  • Business planning & budgeting
  •  Cash Flow forecasting
  •  Due Diligence and Data Room preparation
  •  Corporate restructuring & Business valuation
  • Executive reporting
  • Review and implementation of corporate control models
  • Mapping of corporate processes
  • Digital finance.

The afore-mentioned services are provided by an appointed “Interim CFO”, who directly manages the finance department of the company and support the top management in strategic decision-making, or by an “Interim Controller”, who supports the management control through the mapping of corporate processes and the implementation of a digital accounting platform.

Services are delivered in a customized way: Fidinam professionals, indeed, set targets, timeline and available resources together with the Client.

Details of our services follow below.

Business planning & budgeting

Fidinam assists SMEs in drafting clients’ business plans by developing positioning statements, 5-years business plans (products & services, market analysis, marketing strategy, financial planning, risk analysis) and 1-year budgets. Moreover, our team also offer assistance in the preparation of periodic reviews and analysis of variances.

Cash Flow forecasting

Fidinam provides its clients with cash flow analysis including projections of the future financial position (managing liquidity and ensuring the organization has the necessity of cash to meet its obligations, avoiding funding issues) and a comprehensive financial planning in order to identify potential shortfalls in cash balances. Our services also include treasury management for corporate clients (which involves maintaining liquidity or solvency of the company, dealing with payment transactions, managing bank accounts).

Due Diligence and Data Room preparation

Fidinam assists start-ups and SMEs willing to start fundraising and grow by M&A through the entire Due Diligence process. Our services include the preparation of virtual data rooms in order to provide the investors with accurate and organized information in a secure way to store documents.

Corporate restructuring & Business valuation

Fidinam supports its clients in implementing both financial and organizational restructuring, in order to meet changes in the strategy, lack of profits or new cash flow requirements. Moreover, Fidinam also provides business and corporate valuations.

Executive reporting

Fidinam assists its clients in reviewing and implementing recurrent executive reporting including tailor-made dashboards and forecasting with customized KPIs, in order to give CEOs an at-a-glance visibility into business performance across all units and projects.

Review and implementation of corporate control models

Fidinam supports its clients in implementing an analytical control model to ensure that objectives, targets or standards are met. In addition, our services also include the review of existing corporate models.

Mapping of corporate processes

Fidinam professionals provide assistance in mapping and analysing corporate processes in order to improve the efficiency of the organizational flows and spot potential inefficiencies, making sure that all processes are aligned with the company’s values and tailored to its capacity.

Digital finance

Fidinam leads SMEs in the implementation of digital accounting projects based on our business partner Xero platform. Our services include the re-design of clients’ business and the integration with payment systems as well as e-commerce platforms, providing ongoing support in different jurisdictions including, among others, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai.

The Leading team will be based in Hong Kong and Singapore and includes our CEO Asia Pacific (Alessandro Pedrinoni), the Head of Singapore Desk (Tommaso Barindelli) and the Senior Manager of Swiss Desk (Patrick Heimann).

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