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eBill and QR Code: the future of payments in Switzerland


Business Breakfast

Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 8:00 a.m

Fidinam Auditorium, Via Maggio 1A, 6900 Lugano

 eBill and QR-codes: how is technology revolutionising the world of payments?

As of 30 June 2020, the physical billing system with a QR code will be in use in Switzerland. This will replace, after a transition phase, the current system of payment forms consisting of orange and pink policies (for a total of seven different types of invoices), standardising the entire payment method.

The introduction of new payment standards and the support of digitised processes will push Swiss companies of all sizes towards process adaptation and enable new, streamlined and integrated forms of payment to be introduced.

The multitude of standards, schemes, procedures and payment slips in Swiss payment transactions will soon be abolished in favour of standardisation. As a result, payment processes can be managed at lower costs and integrated into the digital value-added chain, with numerous advantages for both issuers and recipients.

But what are these advantages? How and how long will companies have to adapt to these changes?

During this business breakfast, Mauro Lancianesi, Customer Advisor for Ticino at PostFinance and John Muschietti, Director of Fidigit SA, will analyse the impact of digital payments and their integration into accounting processes from a variety of points of view, focusing on the factors essential for digitisation within the company.


08:00 Welcome
          Welcome breakfast

08:15 Welcome greetings

08:30 The future of payment in Switzerland
           Mauro Lancianesi, Customer Advisor for Ticino at PostFinance
            John Muschietti, Director Fidigit SA

09:15 Conclusions and Q&A




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