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Digital Outsourcing: all the advantages

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Business Process Outsourcing is commonly intended as the set of practices adopted by companies to outsource processes – or part of - to third parties. Fields of application of outsourcing are manifold, diversifying according to the requirements of the companies:

  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing, is the outsourcing of specific knowledge, such as the usage of tools, methodologies or best practices
  • Legal Process Outsourcing, which includes outsourcing the management of legal matters and issues
  • Recruiting Process Outsourcing, by virtue of which external agencies are contracted to manage the recruiting process
  • Business Process Outsourcing, which represents the use of external suppliers for running business processes – or part of - that are not considered strategic for the company. These typically include administrative and accounting services, tax compliance, internal controls and audits, up to the processing of wages and the performance of administrative tasks related to the management of human resources.

Until now, the traditional model of managing an external mandate has involved companies in multiple manual phases, managing documents through paper and preventing the creation of a centralized and shared management of data, not only between supplier and customer but also within different departments of the same company.

However, technological innovations have eliminated distances within the production chain, automating processes and allowing companies to focus on the core business by outsourcing processes with lower added value, thanks to digitization. According to the "Digital Switzerland" publication, 63% of Swiss companies have embarked on a digitisation strategy, whether complete or for selected sectors.

Digitisation of business processes

For a long time, the concept of digitizing the company has been associated to business documents dematerialization. The conversion of paper documents into digital files, however, is only the first step towards the digitization of business processes: it is rather a new and revolutionary organizational model, thanks to which users can access and manage the various processes in an integrated and efficient way, optimizing time and reducing the margins of error.

By process digitization, therefore, we mean the successful integration of data dematerialization and process automation, which can bring a unique competitive advantage to businesses.

The digitization of processes, in fact, allows companies to share documents, data and information between users and different software. The use of shared platforms also facilitates data sharing, allowing multiple users to access the same data at the same time, even from different locations.

The advantages of Digital Outsourcing

Especially with regard to administrative activity - which is expensive and does not generate added value - digital outsourcing allows entrepreneurs and companies to focus on more profitable activities. In this sense, the advantages of digitally outsourcing accounting are many and measurable both in the short and long term.

  • Work optimization and process automation: digital accounting management allows a better synergy between the supplier and the end customer, improving the efficiency of process management throughout the production chain.
  • Reduction of errors and greater safety: Process automation guarantees compliance with quality and safety standards, especially in tasks with sensitive information: manual error processing is drastically reduced.
  • Optimisation of resources and spaces: from paper disposal inside the offices to savings in terms of man-hours and human resources, thanks to the sharing of information and the elimination of obsolete activities that guarantee the optimisation of activities.

Digital accounting outsourcing: the service offered by Fidinam

Maintaining a constant flow of information within all parties, our customers can leverage the expertise of Fidinam, partially or totally, by delegating the management of accounts in order to concentrate in activities of greater added value. The document management, completely digitized, is in fact integrated with the ERP and management systems of the companies: in this way, we are able to manage in total security the accounting and administration of the company.

With nearly 60 years of experience, Fidinam is the point of reference in accounting and administration consulting service.

For an in-depth consulting, Fidinam has the professionals and experience to offer tailored advice. 

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