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Closing of the PwC business acquisition has been finalised


The Fidinam Group has completed the closing of the acquisition of the business of PwC Switzerland dedicated to consulting and implementation of Abacus software solutions.

The Fidinam Group has today completed the closing of the acquisition of PwC Switzerland's Abacus consulting business. As a result of this agreement, PwC Switzerland today transferred 22 employees to Fidigit (Schweiz) AG, the digital consultancy company of the Fidinam Group.

With this transaction, the Fidinam Group is positioning itself among the leaders in the field of business consulting in Abacus Business Software and acquiring the status of "Abacus Gold Partner" by opening three new branches in Lucerne, Berne and Basel, thus strengthening its presence in Switzerland.
The acquired business is one of the most important players in the Swiss market for Abacus consulting services to companies. Under the terms of the agreement, PwC Switzerland will remain the Fidinam Group's main client in this business area.
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