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Centralized HR and Treasury

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Improving visibility, efficiency and control with Fidinam as an outsourced Service Centre for HR and Treasury services.

Companies growing across countries in the APAC region, often face internal operational challenges, such as dealing with HR and treasury activities within a decentralized system. Centralization is often a viable solution for bigger firms, able to allocate appropriate resources for addressing their expanded corporate footprint.

SMEs instead, usually value more a decentralize approach, for addressing local regulatory complexity with limited resources.

Fidinam, leveraging on its multi-jurisdiction know-how, offers a hybrid approach, providing the centralization (in outsourcing) of corporate treasury and HR service, while maintaining a direct contact with Clients’ regional offices to tackle local compliance challenges.

In our vision decentralized and centralized functions cooperate to complement each other while cutting costs and creating efficiency.

What Fidinam Can Do

For companies looking to centralize payroll and treasury across multiple business units, Fidinam can offer the following services.

Range of Services :

  • Review existing HR and Treasury processes to identify potential inefficiencies;
  • Develop ex-novo Internal HR and Treasury processes focusing on payroll data flow, treasury control and payments authorizations;
  • Issuance of pay slips and processing of related payments;
  • Calculation and payment of Social Security and/or other compulsory contributions;
  • HR support in case of internal disputes between the company and employees;
  • Full outsourced corporate treasury service including payment management and scheduling with cloud software, online bank transfers, cheques, TT forms, cash orders etc.

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