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Swiss banks: managing information request from Italian authorities


Business Breakfast

Wednesday, May 15

h: 08:00

Auditorium Fidinam, Lugano

Following the successful actions taken against high-tech giants (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook), the Italian tax authorities have focused their attention on foreign banks and in particular Swiss banks.

Taking advantage of the evidence acquired within "voluntary disclosure", the Italian tax authorities now intend to carry out further investigations against financial intermediaries concerning the assessment about non-taxation of interest deriving from loans granted to individuals resident in Italy (thus treating foreign financial intermediaries as fully fledged Italian taxpayers) as well as the chance of a permanent establishment not declared in Italy, with a series of significant tax, regulatory and criminal implications.

The current lack of coordination by the federal authorities means that Swiss banks have to decide for themselves which approach to adopt in the management of requests by the Italian tax authorities.

During the event, the representatives of Geissbühler Weber Fidinam, Geissbühler Weber & Uldry and ACBC Law & Finance will present scenarios and operational ideas to effectively manage the requests of the Italian tax authorities, highlighting the advantages and risks of different approaches that can be adopted, also leveraging the experience gained in recent years through consultancy services provided to foreign financial intermediaries who have undertaken a process of regularization of their tax position in Italy.



08:00 - Welcome

08:15 - Introduction
Scilla Frattini, Director Geissbühler Weber Fidinam
Sergio Uldry, Partner Geissbühler Weber & Uldry

08:30 - Negotiation between Swiss banks and Italian authorities: examples and use cases
Pierangelo Chiodino, Partner ACBC Law & Finance

09:00 - Behavior principles and strategies for banks
Pierangelo Chiodino, Partner ACBC Law & Finance
Sergio Uldry, Partner Geissbühler Weber & Uldry

09:30 - Q&A & Conclusions


Event will be held in Italian


For more info and reservations, eventi@fidinam.ch



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