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Newsletter Fidinam Ginevra - Gennaio 2020

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Traitement fiscal des remboursements de reserves issues d’apports de capital

Le 23 décembre 2019, l’Administration Fédérale des contributions (AFC), a publié une circulaire sur les modifications du
traitement fiscal des réserves issues d’apports en capital. La circulaire traite d’aspects techniques tels ceux liés aux liquidations ou encore aux restructurations.

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 International business: a retrospective glance on 2019 and new challenges for 2020

As a matter of professional commitment, FIDINAM (GENEVE) SA is constantly following up the evolution of the international
legislative framework, in order to rise timely to these new challenges and put efforts to innovate in a changing environment.
During the last year, we have been concerned by a few subjects that will definitely remain hot topics of the forthcoming year, as the effects thereof are still to be experienced by the financial industry.


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